My new layout


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Hi everyone!

I'm new here, and thought I would post some pictures of my layout, a 4x8.

JPEG 1-4

1. shot of my brand new Athearn CN C44-9W #2672 on the engine track

2. Shot of my Athearn Custom painted GP50 into CBNS livery #5007

3. shot from the spur switch off the main, showng the mill in the center, and the track continuing to the left is the spur going to the Transloading Facility

4. Shot of Pitre Sawmill Corporation. they ship out about 3 cars a day of wood.

More coming
JPEG 5-7

5. Shot of the new 4-track staging yard

6. A comparison shot of my old layout's yard. Big changes to the new one!

7. almost forgot, here's a shot of the new Transload Facility on my new layout.

So, that's my new toy!! Hope you enjoy!
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I like what I'm seing with the CN unit! I thinkw e talked about it on CanModelTrains though as it feels like Dejavu!
Hi Luc, Welcome to the ModelRailroadForums, NBEC Rail eh!, I plan on doing one of the SD40's sometime this year along with a CFMG SD40 I'm still trying to figure out what that grey thing is on the bottom right in your first photo. :D

Willis, it's a Depressed Center Float trailer next to the mighty C44-9W

I'm getting myself a brand new NBEC SD40 done, I should get it sometimes in March, hopefully!

Thanks for the comment guys!