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Well I think I have a pretty nice plan, which is a modified MR plan but taking advantage of a sligthly wider table. The only problem is to make it work the best I needed to use a Peco Code 55 curved turnout. The rest of my track is atlas Code 55, and I know that Peco 55 is really 85 that is recessed into the ties. I'm thinking I can just solder the pieces together and file away any differences, but I am not sure. Has anyone else delt with this? Thanks. Any comments about my plan are welcome as well. :D


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I don't know the answer to the turnout problem, but I wonder about the layout.

What is the terrain? The reason I ask is that if the upper portion was a tunnel it could be used as staging. But then again, the way you have it set up, you could add staging at at least three points.

How do you see yourself operating it? Do you prefer operating or watching trains go round? Out of curiosity, what era and location are you planning on modeling? What roadname?

I guess I'm looking for a sense of purpose.


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Hehe, well I live right at the western end of two modern roads, the BNSF and UP, but I grew up here watching the SP, ATSF and WP. I haven't quite made up my mind about what specific road I am modeling, but definately out west in Northern California.

As far as the plan, I envision the top siding hidden by mountains so I can set up staging for a train in each direction, with the bottom track being an interchange with a different RR. Here is a pic of the previous version of the plan with a little more detail, but a tighter curve on the right that the curved turnout would alleviate slightly.


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When I was a kid I watched the SP just north of you in Marysville. But I'm planning to model the California Western and an interchange with the Northwestern Pacific at Willits.

I was hoping that the upper tracks were going to be staging. Overall, I think the design will work quite nicely.


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I'm no authority on track work, but I would think that if it fits into the area phsically without distorting the rails, and if the top of the rails are level with the trackage they are joined to, it would ok. Just cut into the roadbed to lower the turnout and use step rail joiners to connect it all together.

Cheers Willis

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