my layout web cam

I'm not sure if this is posted in the right place, but here is my train layout's webcam:
LOL I'm not sure either. This brings a new aspect of model rail to the forum. Not too much going on right now while I looked, of course it's early in the day yet. We'll leave it here for now and perhaps add it to the Model Railroad video thread later, looks sort of related :D . Thanks for posting it.
Cheers Willis
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yeah, It's my first layout, it's only 4x8, but just about exactly where the camera is pointing, I am going to build on. I just wanted to combine my two hobbies. Computers and Model Railroading :D
I am having some technicle difficulties, but I should have it back up by noon EST.
Edit: Webcam is back up now. I am doing a little redesign on the page and will probably do a few trains here in a little bit.
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