My layout update picture...

I finally got all the track laid and all the electronics installed for the turnouts and auto reverse loop circuits. My goal was to have trains running by Christmas and I am happy to report we are ahead of schedule. I do still have a turnout that is giving me problems but that will be corrected soon.

I have included a picture for ya'll to check out. Yes I know, the grades are rather steep but in order to achieve what I eventually want to do with this layout it could not be avoided.

Comments are welcomed,
Looks good. Question though. On the back side rise after the switch the picture looks like there may be a slight s-cure in the rail. If in fact it is, you might want to straigten it out before laying scenery. bends like that do tend to be a problem later on.

Just a comment.
Careful of those plywood track boards. I've had trouble with those before. I made the base for a large yard out of plywood. When I soaked the ballast to glue it into place, the plywood delaminated in places.

It's coming right along Bill, looks good, and neat bench work.
Cheers Willis