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Here are two cars that I have experimented some new techniques on...Please let me know what you guys think....There will be more to come soon!



This is a 23,500 gallon ACFX tank car made by Atlas. The top of the car has been sun faded and is now starting to rust through. The trucks have a reddish color (more like rust) that I have mixed and I seem to like the way it makes them look.



This is a Family Lines ACF centerflow hopper from Accurail. I don't really like the ladders too much (mostly because the up close pic really makes them look ugly) but the whole car was a decent kit. The letters have long since faded off, and the salty environment of the east coast have really taken their toll on the original paint. Note the repairs made to the side of the car recently. All in all, I like them, but I know they need some things to make them even more realistic. Aside from add-on detail parts, is there anything else I can do to make them look more real? Paint techniques I could try? Feel free to let me know! Thanks guys!



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Great work!!! Very Nice!....and a very cool way to deliver fabric softener and laundry detergent! :D

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Wongsing Rich : super!! specialy the tank car!!
I choose the text besides the black button on your picture ;) :D
I'm also a member of MTW, and they're an very VALUBLE help..they have Improved my weathering skills tenfold..

I really like the tank car, that's amazing! was that airbrushed? That's VERY NICE!

Your rust on the hopper is unrealistically light. It at least needs to be opaque for starters. Secondly, very the intensity of rust, because rust always starts in small gashes and patches, BEFORE it streaks down the side of a hopper. ACF's (your type of covered hopper) are known for heavy rust at the top of the sills, streaking HEAVILY down towards the rails. Keep working on it, and it'll be a showpiece! ;)

Hope I was of some help!


You guys have all been very helpful! Thanks for the kind words and I hope they reflect everyones honset opinion. And Miles, thanks for the advice about the hopper...Its always kinda hard when you know something needs work, but your advice will help me fix the next one I do! Thank you very much! Glad you guys like the tank car...and yes, both models were airbrushed, hand painted (weathered with artist oil paints) and weathered with pastel chalks. I have some new ideas for the next set of cars that I do... Maybe I can start them some time this week!



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Holy Freakin' Moly! If you had placed that tank car in a realistic scene (and hidden the coupler), you could have easily fooled me into thinking it was the prototype.

I don't believe your experiment with weathering the ACF is a success as far as rust goes. However, it does strike me as a perfect representation of ice, snow and frost patches I see here in Canada in the winter. Those trains coming over the Rockies often pass through some very nasty weather. If the rust color were a snow color, it would be just perfect.

Just my 2 cents,

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