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Hey Guys,

I got my airbrush set up yesterday, and thought I'd share a few of my first projects. Ive done a CNW C44-9W, SP AC44, CNW SD40-2, and a DMIR SD38(in that order). All of them are Athearn, the first three are waiting most all details (plastic handrails) and detailing (which Im working on getting a pin vise soon).

I'd thought I'd show the CNW Dash 2 and the DMIR SD38 for now. Im a bit timid to weather any of my WC stuff yet (all of it is mostly Kato,P2K, and Atlas) but time will come. Leave comments please,



On this one, everything went as planned, although I would have liked the trucks to stick out more with the grey "dusting".


This one would look better, If I ever replace the stock Athearn fans Im sure the roof will be more apeasing. However, I really liked the way the trucks turned out, almost the brand new paint with dust marks type look.



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For a first attempt, that looks excellent! :cool: I guess you've discovered that spray painting soot stains on the roof of a loco is hard work - much more complicated than simply masking a few areas and covering the whole unit with paint. You did a light coating too, that's good - many people tend to overdo their weathering when they're first starting out. "Less is more."

If I may suggest: You might want to stop by a local WallyWorld or Target and buy a large sheet of white posterboard, and set your locos on that when you photograph them. Makes them much easier to see...
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Thanks Ken! One thing I want to do is get some chalk to weather the sides a bit, and I need to hit the exhaust areas with some black I think. The posterboard is a good Idea, plus the CNW one is severely over exposed.



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Chalk is great, but takes some time as it like to disappear! Unless you're using actual weathering powders. Great job though, looking good!

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C & SF, my obsession

First, welcome!
Second, nice work!

As for presentation, nothing is as fine as setting your work on your layout and track. Poster board is fine for taking pictures of vegetables, but for me, trains need tracks. :)

Again, very nice paint job!

Highest regards,


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Thanks for the kind words guys. Hope to contribute and learn. Im just getting my layout built, and I just got my airbrush. Ive had models for a long time, but never a place to run them, and never have I been able to detail much. Now its all coming together. Thanks guys,


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