MRC opinions?

okay, two questions, and thanks in advance to all who take the time to answer...

MRC DCC systems... the good, the bad and the ugly if you please. all opinions on the system welcome. specifically MRC prodigy advanced.

second, are the functions for things like load simulation and momentum and braking simulation and such throttle dependant or decoder dependant? or both? if so, what does MRC offer in this area?
If you start here....

you will get the bulk of your questions answered.

I have been following the DCC forum for some time. I am finding if you are planning to be in this hobby for long time. Pick a system that will grow. I see Digitraxx, NCE & Pro being the top 3 dogs for this. MRC in my humble opinion is more a less for beginners. I actually have currently their first system Command 2000 and can run 10 locos at one time with extra throttles.
I have 2 walk around throttles and the "home" base control that I use at the yard area. My gripe with this system is that it did not allow for growth or upgrades or add ons. I am guessing that Prodigy Advance is along that line as well. Some of the guys have valid and good points. Use what your fellow MRR use in your area or at your MRR club for compatability. My local club uses Digitraxx so I may go that route...I am still researching.

Good luck!
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I have two Lenz systems and find them to be worthy of anything I'll ever want to do. After I bought my Lenz, the religious fervor surrounding the Digitrax systems induced me to purchase a Super Chief. I hooked it up to my test track and after studying and using the system, especially the throttle, I decided to sell it and stay with Lenz. The small form factor of the LH100 throttle is the 'center piece' of the Lenz system. Very powerful, yet fast and easy to learn. I have a quick reference guide for the Lenz throttle on my website.

I am now implementing the CTI computer automation and signaling system and have now reached the point where I can run 4 trains on my two mainlines completely automatically.

Strictly my opinion

Tony has a nice fact matrix on all the popular DCC systems. A must read for those pondering the DCC move.
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