Modeling the 1870's

As I may have said already, your stuff is an inspiration! It's enough to make me want to change scale. :)
Hi Harold, thank's for another well researched and presented article. I didn't realize that about the IHC Loco's being OO/HO size. LOL took me too long to get to the stage I at with my layout now to start changing eras :D
Cheers Willis
I have tried to model the 1870's since 1961. I have always wanted to model the 1870's. I have a Porter Mogul and a cutup General from my misspent youth. Modeling in HO for me never worked because the size ratio between the equipment and the figures was never right. All the equipment is too large to use with HO figures and wagons.
The internet makes it possible to get the OO figures to make the 1870's work. I got my OO figures from Langley in England in a week for less postage than from most places in the US to Delaware. Now the locomotive looks right.


I also got a wagon from Langley and it is great. Need to get out the paintbrush.

Just a thought
If we think further out of the box. A mockup of an 8 ft wheelbase 60 in dia driver Grant 4-4-0


This is the basic 4-4-0 of the 1870's. A MDC old timer consolidation with Bowser 69" HO drivers and a temporary Mantua ten wheeler boiler. It all works in OO/HO.

Just a thought