Model Power fake coupler


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Hello there,
I just ordered a little Model Power steam switcher for my Inglenook layout. Unfortunately, the frond end coupler is a fake. How can I replace it with a Kadee #5 ? Thanks for your help.

MP 26-0.jpg
Saddletank steamers are the best.
Remove the fake coupler by snipping, cutting and filing.
Glue or J.B. Weld new coupler and box in its place.
Shim for height before attaching new coupler permanently.
"Shims" go in between top of coupler box and lower bumper surface.
Item number 6 should be easy to work on when disassembled.

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I would do something different than #5 Kadee. See that imitation of draft box that's sticking out past the pilot beam? That is supposed to be there and most steam locomotives had extra long draft box like this. This was to clear the cow catcher, or in your case the foot steps. I would save that draft box and make a rectangular opening in it. You will need a "long shank" Kadee coupler for that and it will be more prototypical look wise.

This saddle tank is about the same size model wise, the wooden pilot beam has rotted away as you can see, but the extra long draft box is clearly visible.
I ordered this funny toy-like Model Power steam locomotive. I think I can change the fake front coupler the same way.