Minitrix Steamers


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I've got a couple of old minitrix steamers and I could use some advice. My 0-6-0 needs a good cleaning, no problem there, but I've got two Pacific chassis and a Decapod that needs a new motor. I'd also like to convert all of these to DCC.

So, any tips on DCC conversions?


Would I be better off to do the Decapod or the Pacific? Which is the better chassis and why? The body shell will fit either, so I can go either way. And whats a good motor to go in these guys?

What do you all think?
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The trick question that you didn't ask was: what track are you going to run them on? If you are going to use code 55, the flanges will have to be turned down.

I tried putting a decoder in a Minitrix 0-6-0 before I changed to code 55 and had a wire come loose and fry the decoder. Those darn decoders just don't work after you let the magic smoke out!

The North Raleigh NTrak club has a lot of DCC conversions listed on there website. The address is:

The section of the layout that they'll be on is all Micro Engineering Code 70. I have a lot of the Atlas code 55 and discovered that it wasn't going to work there, but thats OK.
If you can talk and read some spanish, this is your salvation, Spaniards are fanatics of Trix and Marklin,and they know very very well all tricks to convert locos. theres a web page ,in the forums you can ask for help, shure they will made.

I've got several Minitrix steamers, and I run on Peco code 55 rail.

I have not converted any to DCC, not only because of the wheels, but because newer locos run better and pull more reliably.

I might convert them in the future more as a project than anything else.
I would start by checking with NorthWest ShortLine (NWSL) to see if they carry any replacement wheelsets/axles/gears.