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Jack Doran

New Member
I have some questions on the new Intermountain Wheelsets. I see they are brass. Are the Atlas Wheelsets Brass as well? I have always heard to stay away from brass due to the oxidation that happens over time. I don't want the oxidation to transfer to my track. Which may cause some shorts on the layout I am getting ready to build. I have already made up my mind that I want to go to the metal wheelsets but I may stay put and stay with MT lo pro plastic wheels. By the way I run MT trucks on everything I own. The other Manufacters trucks off rolling stock are replaced with MT trucks. So I really have only two options right now for metal wheelsets.

But before I make a decesion I would like to do my homework first.

I would like to here what you have to say about it.



Jack the IM wheels may indeed be brass but they are plated over with what appears to be a blackened nickel plating to me.I would not worry about any oxiadation from these wheel sets.

In fact I don't my LHS has asked me to give their other customers a chance to buy some.:D

Oh yeah,about the ATLAS wheelsets .Yes they are brass too.ATLAS fan that I am,I don't believe they are anywhere near the quality of the IM sets.

Jack Doran

New Member
Catt, thanks for the info. I have been wanting to try some of the IM wheelsets. I have heard great things about them. If I have great luck with them. I will probably use them exculsively.

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