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Anyone out there model these modern workhorses? Eh, I kinda got so used to seeing them on like EVERY run around here that i decided to get some to have an intermodal run. It also fits well considering i have the two prime Maersk operating locos available. But i digress... I was wondering about the cars themselves though. HO scale, not proto. I have a few, most have been gained second hand, but in great shape. And i was wondering if there was any way to get them to link up universally? As in, does anybody manufacture universal replacement couplings for the maxis? So you could combine manufacturers in your consist. I have a ConCor Maersk set i recently acquired, as well as another set that's incomplete from ____. They don't link together due to the different type of connectors (see photos). I suppose the easiest way to solve this (would be to not run the orphan maxi) would be to get an end for the ____ set. Therein lies the other problem; i don't know the manufacturer of it. If that is the case, can anyone help identify via the shots who makes the orphan? It is an all plastic car/set, with those 'ball' style connectors that don't work too well with the ConCor.
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I had a similar situation years ago and gave up on finding a repair part. I made the single well a flat car load. Only the most observant modeler will spot that as a car load vs. a stack well in service.

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Unfortunately each maker does their cars differently enough so you can't mix brands. That's the down side to picking up an odd well car that is not part of a set. I would never do that for that very reason. You need to obtain them as a set or fun is over. Otherwise you are on your own to come up with a kludge to get one brand to mate with another, and they might now look right together since manufactures differences, even of same model, can be different enough to be visually noticeable.

Answer - lesson learned - makes sure you by well cars in sets and not as a random piece.

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