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I'm planning to paint a Southern engine amd was wondering what paint matched Microscale decals for Southern's "Tuxedo". I'm mostly interested in the white stripe but coule use both paint colors.

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Unfortunately, except for the passenger engines, specfically the E's from the Claytor era, SRR diesels never had a "white stripe". The technical name is Duco Aluminum Gray. It actually is an emulsion, and not a paint per se. The differences in the way the stripe appears, either white, or gray is mostly a matter of lighting, and weathering. The brighter the sun, or the longer the paint is on the engine, the whiter the stripe appears.

For a match of the stripe, the best appears to be Floquils SP lettering gray, with anywhere from no white mixed in to a 10% mix of white and SP lettering gray, depending on age of the paint. If you notice, the stripes supplied by Micrscale, show this very aspect. Most are "gray" but some are almost white.


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I just buy extra sheets of the striping and cut the decals to fit any irregular parts. Be careful not to overlap the striping (or if you do, make it as close as possible) because the shade of the stripe changes when one decal is on top of another.

You could paint the stripes yourself, but it's so much easier just to use the decals. Also, be sure to check the prototype photos for the appropriate trim - gold or dulux gold, which is actually a reflective yellow. Microscale's striping sheet has half gold, half dulux gold.

And if you need some help on applying decals, particularly the striping, check out this thread from awhile back:

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