Making decals with your home computer


CRI&P 424

I would like to make my own decals with my home computer & inkjet printer. I have a unit coal train of 70T Stewart hoppers (BN) that need numbering. Microscale's BN freight set only has 5 number 5's on it. I would just like to make my own number sets. Anyone know how to do this?? Thanks in advance for all reply's!!
You can purchase waterslide decal paper. Use a photo-manipulation program to design and scale your desired image, or if it's just making number sets possibly it can be done in Word. Remember that the decal is translucent, and any area that looks white on the image will print transparent. Print it, cut it out, soak in water and apply. Of course it's not quite as easy as it sounds, nothing in model railroading is. Hope it works well for you.
Be advised that you cannot print white, and any other light color such as yellow or orange won't work very good either. They just print too light.