Make a dirt road


I have a "what-I-did" web article on my attempts to make dirt roads and crossings.


Thank you if you visit :D
Hi harold, yes that may work good around the saw mill area ( at least I've never seen them paved) only to the entrance road. There is a few things I'll have to check out to see if they are available around here , Structolite being one and un scented talcum powder. Don't think I'll try a dirt crossing maybe a wooden plank type that would be a lot easier and less nerve wracking for me. :D
Thanks for the link I save it, havent seen too much grass close to any of the mills yet maybe the sawdust kills it off, or the trucks maybe.
Cheers Willis
Harold, thanks for the super post and article! I've been muddling over ways to get people and vehicles across the tracks in my layout. You've provided some inspiration!!

Willis, I've considered plank crossings after seeing a How-To article in the 8/04 Garden Railways magazine, but since my track is on real dirt, maybe I should think again! :)
the "stink" disappears when it is mixed with the paint
Ok I can live with that :D right now I'm painting the ties white so I'm somewhat behind my posts. It'll go quicker when I get to where there is no ballast yet. Then it's back to more questions LOL
Cheers Willis