Lots of transition era drawings and photos....free!!!

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For you transition era scratchbuilders and/or if you just like car and loco drawings and specs then here's something for you to look at.
Google books scanned in a 1951 book (300 pages I believe).

It's called 'Popular picture and plan book of railroad cars and locomotives'
From the people who brought you the Car builders and Loco cyclopedia's

At this url:

I stumbled into this once while searching for material......it can be saved to your computer and will forever be yours.

Brian B.


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Brian, thanks very much for the link. Lots of interesting information and great drawings. I've got it saved. :)


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When I go there, I can only see reference to one scanned page, and beneath is a link titled "Where's the rest of this book?"




I clicked your link and all you have to do when you get there is click the 'read this book' button.
Once there look on the right side and you'll see 'PDF' button. Left click it and that'll allow you to download (save) it to your computer.

Is there a scroll bar on the right side when you get to the page? (there should be)
That should allow you to scroll down the document.....a word of warning to anyone with dial-up.....it'll probably take quite a while to load the whole thing (that's where saving it to your computer makes it way faster to access). Did you try the 'where's the rest of this book ' button?



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I tried both links and got the same page as Crandell. I think it has something to do with copyright issues and since Crandell and I are in Canada we probably are not covered under that and have to do advanced searches and other hoops:rolleyes:;)

I noticed something though too. Are you guys buying these? if so please mention this as this little puppy is not quite sure if you do still have to buy them or not--
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No, we're not buying it. Just downloading it.

But I think you've discovered the problem. I posted this to other forums as well and am finding that Canadians/Canadiens don't have access to it.
Sorry about that.

Maybe someone on cable internet could email you the PDF as it's almost 20MB and would melt my wires before it would make it to you.

Brian B.


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Did you try the 'where's the rest of this book ' button?
LOL no it isn't on the page that loads on my computer, nope there's some info buttons and one to buy the book That's all folks.



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Hello there all, I have a digital copy of the "Popular Plan Book of Railroad Locomotives and Cars" which has become corrupt.. is there anyone out there that has a copy so I can access the book again over the computer ??? my email is roadhawwg@yahoo.com if you are able to send me a working copy of it.. thank you in advance.

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