Looking for your comments and thoughts...

The wooden fence looks great. The Screen fencing appears to be a little to high and you could probably add more posts. probably every eight to ten scale feet For both height and post separation.

Just my opinion. :) Otherwise very effective.
Thanks for your input on the fence height and posts. Is there some kind of HO scale conversion chart? Maybe a ruler of some kind I could buy to use for scale reference?

I believe you can get a HO scale ruler thru walthers. Or a LHS, if you have one in the area. I live by mine.
Also, 1" is about 7' in HO, if you feel like faking it....

I do recommend the ruler though. Pay more and get the stainless steel one if you can. Actually, both the stainless and the plastic rulers have benefits, the former for rigidity, the second for it's flexibility. I have one of both.