Looking for Walthers Logging Flats

NWR #200

Irish Expatriate
I'm looking for a large quantity of the Walthers Logging flats produced up until a little while ago. I'm lloking for them to be preferably Milwaukee Road or Chehalis Western Schemes but will take others. I will need a total of 30 cars all to gether or 10 3 packs. Thanks.
Are these the pulpwood flats with the square pipe braces on the sides, similar to this:

Oh, well I haven't seen those around in hobbyshops as far as I can remember, but you might try Discount Model Trains in Addison, TX. They do not have a website, but they are a huge shop, so they tend to get some of everything. They sell virtually everything at 20% off list. If you absolutely, positively have to have it, and paying retail is not a deterrent, try PF&S in Pasco, WA. Years ago, when I asked MDC where to get their stuff that had been OOP for a few years (technically not OOP, but hadn't gotten a turn on the line in a few years), they sent me to PF&S. Quick service and they had all 20 cars I was looking for. All you need to supply them with is the Walthers part number.