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Hi folks,

I'm pretty much just passing through but would appreciate your help. I'm selling my collection of model trains and some I don't know the manufacturer of the model or what loco they are. I searched around the internet but came up dry, i think because most of these were bought 7-8 years ago and searching by road name/number didn't work. I had a small lay out but enjoyed collecting them more than really getting into it, railroading was a diversion from aircraft modeling at the time which was what i was really in to. help appreciated. thanks mike







i have other stuff on ebay if you're even slightly interested. thanks again mike
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The 5th unit is an Athearn GP7 (they called it a 'GP9' but that's incorrect). The 6th photo shows another early Athearn model, their version of a GP30. The bottom pic is an Alco PA1, but it's not an Athearn - probably a LifeLike or a Bachmann.

As for the steamers, I know nothing about them...
the fourth locomotive (4-4-0) looks like it was made in europe - deep flanges on wheels. i think it was made by rivarossi. the first (2-8-2 mikado) and second (4-6-2) were made in europe by rivarossi. rivarossi is now known as international hobby corporation. i don't know if they still make the reno. i am not sure who made the third one (2-6-2)
The third one is a Bachmann 2-6-2. It was "made" by adding a bigger tender, pilot and trailing truck to their standard USRA 0-6-0 switcher. No real prototype. I agree that the pacific and mike are IHC's, but they are not Rivarossi. These were made by Mehano. Rivarossi never offered a light pacific or mike, AFAIK. These were also originally part of the Life-Like line offered in the 1970's and 80's.

The PA is Athearn's. Until the P2K's came out, except for the Athearn's, the only other plastic PA in HO was Con-Cor's. Spotting difference is the Con-Cor's pilot was attached to the front truck and swiveled with the truck like the older Lionels in O gauge.
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