Looking for a caboose


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I'm thinking of getting a caboose that matches my son's Spectrum 2-8-0. But I have not been able to find anything on eBay. And frankly, I don't know where else to look.

So here's the deal.

It needs to fit the era: 1917ish (heck the 2-8-0 wasn't part of the CWRR until 1923)

In needs to be the right Road Name: Dixie--I'll try to get this right: Nashville, Chattannoogga, Louisville and St. Louis.

And it needs to be under $20.

If it exists, what am I looking for?
If it exists, what am I looking for?
I have no idea! I have a couple of wood sheated cabooses but you'd have to strip, paint and decal one, I'll take a picture when I'm downstairs tonight. (making parts to modify the motorhome) Anyway the price is right $0 :D but delivery in time could be very iffy!

Hi Chip, sorry guess I shot off my mouth too fast. The cabooses are similar to the Athearn ones, (only cheaper) but represent steel cabooses. In 1917 I'd hazzard a guess the caboose would be of wood construction.
Caboose #33 was built in 1917 for the sum of $1.054.03. It is 24 feet long and 9 feet 4 1/2 inches high.
Yep definately wood

Anyway this is the closest I have, would be a lot of work to make it resemble wood but it would be doable in time

I have an undecorated MDC I'm watching on eBay. But if that falls through...

You'd think that if Bachman made an engine for that road name, someone would make some rolling stock.

Thanks guys.
You might try looking for old-stock MDC Roundhouse stuff. They made a couple different cabooses that fit the era you're talking about. I'm sure it won't be long before they'll be released as RTR products from Athearn under the Roundhouse banner, but you might just find what you're looking for in an old MDC kit. An older Walthers catalog would be helpful to see all the roadnames and part numbers offered in the past. Then, once you're armed with the part number, I'd try calling PF&S in Pasco, Washington. They were recommended to me by MDC when I called the factory looking for some hard-to-find kits (they had 20 of what I was looking for when Walthers, all the LHS and even MDC were out).