Long Weekend "Worker's day" Photo Fun!!! May 1-2-3 and 4

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A lot of great pics this weekend! Here we have EDWA extra carrying a loco to the Waterville paint shop. Note the dumb complacent look on Saltys face as he heads for an uncertain fate in grey and orange. Stay tuned..........




Fleeing from Al
Really good stuff this weekend, guys. Sorry I didn't have much time to comment (or take pictures myself) but lots of family things this weekend. Dave, Salty is probably happy just be getting a free ride. :) James, Mt. Surprise station has the nicest looking lawn that happens to contain two railroad tracks I've ever seen. :D That would be an interesting challenge to reproduce in HO.
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Dr Frankendiesel
The trucks of the RailBox are now rust colored. I think it adds to the character of the car.


I did the trucks and wheels of the gon while I was at it.

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Bumper weekend all round, it was like a Christmas special !!!

Not had much time this weekend to do much but such is life. I did get some filler and guard rails inside the main rails yesterday


Then I had a couple of hours this evening to cover the top with some scalescenes cobbles..







I had contemplated doing the top as concrete as it would be easier than cutting the card round the rails, but I think it turned out okay. It will look better when it is covered with genral harbour clutter. Im on the lookout for some 1:76 fishing boats now.



Far away in Chile...
Wow.. what a weekend!!!

Did someone have photos of 8 axle flat cars??? I've been looking but I cant find details photos of it.



Fleeing from Al
I'm sorry, Dave, but, even for Guilford, that has fallen to a new low. You should have at least had the mercy to letter it for Pan Am :)


A few weeks back, a fellow local modeler informed me that he had a few CNW locomotives that he was planning to sell and was wondering if I would be interested in them. He has a HUGE collection of Rock Island and decided that adding the CNW was not the route that he wanted to take so it was going to be the auction block for them. I was finally able to make my way over to his house yesterday and take a look at them, five in all. After testing each one on his layout I decided that I would take all of them but, only one at a time as the "train budget" allows. :D

Here is the first one. A Proto 2000 SD60 #8017. Need to add a few of the details yet and it already has a decoder installed. :)


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Great stuff guys! Great Weekend Photo Fun.

I think my roads are coming together better.


Dr Frankendiesel
I came into some money today so I went to Hobby Lobby. I picked up a Bachmann Silver Series Shell tank car and a card of twenty peel 'n' stick 12-16 volt lights from Model Power. I also picked up a 4x8 sheet of white bead board. I cut it into four pieces of 2x4 so it would fit in the back of the car. This is of no concern because I already intended to cut it up to make the pop-up section in the middle of the layout. That's where the park and playground will be.




Fleeing from Al
The road surface looks very convincing. I like the way you continued the Rix bridge railing around the embankment also. The only suggestion I'd make it to add a "fog line", the white line that runs alng the edge of the road so drivers don't wander off the road when visibility is bad. It would be painted a half-inch from the edge of the roadway in HO scale.


Diesel Detail Freak
Man, MLW thats looking better every time. You need to either post a how-to, or link the one you used!

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