loksound troubbles

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i have a lok sound equipped pcm sd7, that until recently was a standout. running wise it was spectacular, quiet and slow. sound wise, almost as good. well, tonight i was fiddling with it and my atlas, just running them back and forth, and now the sd7's headlights are messed up. thet are both either on or off, regardless of direction. also when the "0" headlight button is pressed, im getting a short air letoff sound. all other sounds and motor control work fine. i think this has to be in the decoder as opposed to the dcc system because all my other engines still function properly.

any ideas?




Fleeing from Al
The Locsound manual is not very clear on how the headlights are controlled. The first thing to try is resetting the decoder to factory defaults by entering 8 in CV8. If the headlight only comes on in the direction of operation after the reset, a CV setting got screwed up. If they are still both lit all the time, that's how the decoder is set by default. It's time to dig through the manual and see what CV's control both headlights. Even better, download Decoder Pro, choose you decoder, and set the behavior of the headlights there. It will give you the correct CV's and the values to change, assuming that both headlights on is not hardwired into the decoder.


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I uesd Decoder pro lastnight to see if I could change the engines sound settings on my lok sound SD7. no luck as it was also confusing to understand the CVsettings. the light settings look just as difficult to adjust LOL!!....??? time to call them and get a clear answer.
the first thing i tried was cv 8. it set everything else to default, but the headlights. they were both fine before the other day. both came on in the corresponding direction. and like you said, the loksound manual might as well be in a different language. it is really no help. im gonna try the decoder pro, but probably gonna end up giving them a call.




old school
what engine is your Decoder in. Reason I ask is that when I went to DCC on my Proto SD7 I had to replace the lights with 12V bulbs but then they allways stay on as it looks as if they get power directly from the track?
its in a precision craft sd7. sound was installed at the factory. it worked perfectly till the other day....gonna call em' now. see what they have to say

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Call ESU Out of St. Cloud. They're very nice about customer support. Its either that or they were afraid I'd haul myself up there, as I only live 45 mins away.

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