Loksound decoders

Hey guys I wanted to know more information on loksound decoders seeing that these are the only ones I don't have any experience with other than the new TCS WOW's. I would just like to know what your general opinions on the decoders are, maybe some pro's and cons and comparisons to other decoders. Thanks for all your input.

They initially set an exceptionally high standard for motive control that only now is being equalled. AFAIAC, they're still No. 1 in motor control. Their sounds were always very high quailty, but I would not have accused them of being all that accurate. I have four locomotives, three steam and one GG1 electric, that came with Loksounds. My first was a PCM (now Paragon 2) Y6b from BLI. It was always a star performer, but the LokSond packed it in sometime over the past year. It happened overnight. That loco now has a QSI Titan.

Next came a Trix 2-8-2. Lovely steamer, and of course excellent motor control. Hated the sounds. Don't know who chose them, but they didn't sound like a NYC Mike. It now has an older Tsunami.

Third came a Rivarossi Allegheny H-8. Again, superb motor control, but for Gawd's sakes.....who chose the chuff and whistle??!? In my review for that steamer for MR, I used the descriptor 'chiff', and not a chuff. A large steamer chuffs...it sure as aitch don't 'chiff'. Also, it had a shrill steam chime whistle, and not the hooter that the H-8's had. But that's the sound Hornby chose...they had just bought Rivarossi. It now has a Tsunami.

The last LokSound acquisition is a Trix GG1. What a beauty, just like the Mikado. Peerless motor control. As for the sounds, I think they're pretty darned good! I don't have anything else to go on, but from videos on youtube of the real thing, ESU LokSound did a commendable job on that one.

All that said, you can tune a Tsunami if you don't mind spending the time. I have a slightly hitchy DC BLI J Class 4-8-4 that became an amazing silk purse once I did some digging and learned how to fine tune a Tsunami's motor contrl CV's. Darned cool. Also, besides the well-recieved TCS WOW's, don't overlook the new QSI Titan decoders. They are excellent. In fact, I have tired of the Tsunamis and will only use QSI from now until someone makes a quantum leap in decoder sounds.
I have had some Loksound decoders, though all in diesels. The sounds on the diesels have gone from "not bad" to "really good". Motor control is excellent, even in a notoriously rough-running diesel (PCM SD7), it smoothed it out tolerably.
The steam engine decoders I've been exposed to had very good motor control. As for the sounds, my mother always told me if you don't have anything nice to say...
The new sound files may be better, though I have not heard them.
I have one loksound decoder, that came in my new, just 6 month old Rivarossi Allegheny. It must have new sound files because the sounds are very nice, I wouldn't say great, but the chuff sounds good to me. Motor control is awesome and it creeps very slow on speedstep 1.
Michael, the chuff should sound like a chuff from your other steamer decoders. In my 2006 version of that engine, the whistle was like a small switcher's shrill whistle, not like a banshee, but close. It should be a hooter like the sound on N&W A Class 1218 or a Y6b. Also, the chuff really did sound like a very tinny chiff. I couldn't abide those two substantial errors, so in went a Tsunami 'heavy' steam with its on-board articulated chuff that goes in and out of synch, and the correct hooter...or close enough.
Loksound North America changed hands a few years ago and things have been improving considerably. The original owners weren't modelers, rail fans or even interested in trains for that matter. They just distributed whatever the Germans created .... and the Germans didn't understand North American engines.

The new owner is a modeler, an avid railfan and lives and breathes trains ! Since he has taken over, there have been MANY improvements in their North American sounds. Not only do they sound like they should (he also does all the recordings), they also function more like a real engine. Any of the latest releases are nothing short of impressive. The list of manufacturers alone (Atlas, Bowser, Kato, Rapido, Trueline Trains, Riverpoint Station, Intermountain and more) converting to Loksound for their factory equipped sound engines should speak volumes !

I have been extremely happy with my Loksound decoders. Especially the V4.0 or Selects. I only have one Tsunami anymore which is only because it was in the Athearn Big Boy and I haven't changed it out yet. The motor control is unmatched from what I have seen so far. The Gevo sound file is terrific especially with the auto shutdown and startup.

I had done a quick video showing 4 of my locos all from different brands in a consist together to show their slow speed performance and how well they run together. One is an Athearn Genesis Challenger, Athearn Genesis SD70ACe, Kato SD90 and an Intermoutnain Gevo. I know the video might be boring but hopefully it demonstrates my point.

Thanks you guys, This is all very helpful. From what I'm seeing in m research and from listening to you guys in the forums, the new V4 decoders from loksound are superb. Sounds like they did a good job with their cab forward sounds on the new intermountain models too.