locomotive details


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I have just bought two bachman spectrum csx 8-40cw's and wish to detail them further.
I have looked all over the internet for super-detail kits but havent found any.
this is my first project and any advice will be a great help. thank you.
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Pick up the Walthers catalogue and look through it. You'll find great parts from Details West, Detail Associates and several others. You can also look at www.walthers.com, but the printed catalogue is easier to search through.
Keep in mind you won't find "kits" to superdetail the model, but "parts". The big problem is finding out what you need and want for the model. Best to find photos of the prototype and see what's missing that you might be able to add. Also if you are adding parts to the body you may need to paint them to match the factory color(s), which can be tricky.
There's not kit to super detail a Dash 8, BUT you can buy it piece by piece. Find a picture of the prototype, and I (or someone else) can help you find the parts needed.