Lionel Gateman (all variations)

I ran into a problem with the green base. It developed cracks from the stress of the wire.
Back into repair mode, I plan to gouge the crack and fill with epoxy. They are centered around the top inside the building.

For a photo I decided on a circuit diagram.

145 gateman.jpg
I got the tape measure spring steel and soldered the socket to it for a light assy. Also cleaned up the rods.


It makes sense to cover all the information. it is an accessory you can have fun with. I would think more people would adapt them more to their interests. You know like a Tardis Gatemen. The possibilities are endless. I also have other forums in discussions and have learned more that will be shared here. I have had the accessories for so long it is embarrassing to say but it is time to whip them into shape.

I continued on the gray base and installed the homemade light assembly.


Now the empty hole also takes a clip. That is for the ground or common for the light to stay on. The little short stub is not available. If you want to have an accurate restoration buy a long one and cut it. I saved about three bucks on making my own light fixture. The socket does have a ground tab so I can just forgo the extra clip and attach a wire directly to it. I still have to work on the green base. This was so easy to do I did not get the chance to add an LED. Maybe latter on I can add an outside light.

I do have one funny story, when it came time to test the whistle, I place it on a chair and attached to leads to the top. No whistle just the hum of the motor spinning. The problem was the foam cushion was in contact with the housing and muffled the sound.
Progress is slow but realistically on the back burner. I attached wires on the grey shack and found a space for it, I need a stand to support it.
The green base shack is still awaiting epoxy.

Notice I did not need the third clip.

The last subject is about the gateman. In order to demonstrate I need videos, but I found out you can quiet down the Gateman coil rattle.
I was discussing the Gateman at another forum and a member brought up his modification to do this. After a little design time, I worked out how to use DC for the coil. I have to get some media lined up to post it.
The first step for a quiet Gateman is using DC power but the source is AC so a board is needed.
I heard about it and just cooked this up to test it out.

Two yellow wires from the track or transformer. Red is positive output and white is negative.
It consists of four diodes, 1n4501 and a 300uf capacitor. The diodes are rated for 3 amps. I built a rig with 1 amp rated diodes but during a test it was stressed. I went with a higher rating.

The green base Whistle House was finished today. The cracks were supported and painted with Kelly green paint.

Here is the video of the Gatemen operated with AC power. Liston to the sound.

Here is the same Gateman operated with DC voltage.

Next up is the Gatemen Sign Post. The white ones are weak amd will probably break with a small breeze. They can be fixed if you want to hav some fun.
The subject.

Yep broken end and the end piece is long gone. The secret is the trusty paper clip. If the end broke you just drill through it and use the length of the paper clip for support and epoxy the thing together. Now with no base I drill three holes through the pole for three paper clips to make a base. I used a clip to hold them in place until the epoxy set.


Set in place I removed the clip and epoxied the base.


That will dry overnight.
I like the idea of an all inclusive thread. It is nice to know parts are available if you want to buy. Then you can save if you make your own. I ended up making three roofs. I do have a few but really, do they all need the factory made ones?
Working on these can be a father /son project.

Any other hidden threads that need help?
I spotted a Marx Gateman at the Dover Show with a complete gate. Also, they had a number of gateman accessories in various needs of repair. I resisted.


I spotted a Marx Gateman at the Dover Show with a complete gate.
Is that the one in the first photo? If so, that is a great find!

Also, they had a number of gateman accessories in various needs of repair. I resisted.
I think you made a good move. As a master craftsman your time is valuable. The market for repaired gatemen is not lucrative enough and you already have a few for yourself.

Thanks for sharing the photos!
The lady was bagging it up ( for someone else at the next table )when I interrupted her to ask to take a picture of it.
The dealer I was taking with had one with a roof for 5 bucks, he knows my weakness. Four is enough.
This has been a fun thread. How should I say it, the mother of all Gateman Accessories!
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