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I've just reviewed the statistics for the links directory, and they are, well, in a word, lousy.

First of all, I would like to thank the 3 people who have visited the site. That was very kind of you... OK, maybe it was more than 3 people, but it's a lot less than I'd hoped.

So tell me folks, why isn't anyone using the model railroad links? My railroad links directory is quite popular, and I expected the model railroad one would also be well recieved. Granted, I know it will take some time to get going, but the place is a ghost town. Very few new links are being submitted, and the hits are dismal.

So, I'd really appreciate some feedback. Do you not realize we have a directory, or is it something you don't need, or is there some other reason you don't use it? Do you simply go directly to Google instead? If you have a model railroad site, have you submitted your link? If not, why not?

I could use some input to help me decide if I should keep working on this project or what.

Thank you!


Diesel Detail Freak
Oh its great Bob! I really need to spend some time in there to see whatcha got linked. Prolly not much I don't already have bookmarked in my "extensive" list. However it never hurts to add more! Maybe I should back add, from my bookmarks to your directory?


House Mother, Cheerleader
I use the New Features like I use the Yellow Pages... Not often, but when I need it, I really NEED it. Maybe some small graphics or a heavier border would make that block more attractive.


Grandson of an ALCO Builder
hey bob the links are good ...
question though...a little off topic but on our profiles where there is a part for listing active Group do we edit that? Is that for listing what clubs we belong to? thx


It has nothing to do with clubs, it simply relates to the forum itself.

Groups is a feature that we don't use on this forum. Some forums have various groups you can join, along with ranks etc. I think it's more for the gaming forum, where you might be a member of such and such guild or so and so squadron. It helps the group members identify each other on the forum.

I suppose we could do something similiar for HO, O, N, etc, but I've never really seen the need.


Grandson of an ALCO Builder
I see. Thanks for the clarification.

I was thinking it was for listing of our clubs or historical societies we belonged to. Although that isnt a bad idea to have on our profile is it? I find a lot of "new" or even long timers in the hobby are not very aware of the many clubs or societies to belong to. This in many cases can help them in the hobby. In my case being a UP HO modeler I am a member (sustaining) of the Union Pacific Historical Society and I belong to my local Sarasota Model Railroad Club as a Brakeman Member (part time).

Just a train of


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Wow! Somehow I have missed this listing. Absolutely great list for reference. I spent about an hour and a half checking out some of the business sites and have found several that carry stuff that I have been looking for a long time (I model 1925 in the Finger Lakes region of NY so much of what I want for the layout is not easy to find.

Thanks for the heads up!


I was thinking it was for listing of our clubs or historical societies we belonged to. Although that isnt a bad idea to have on our profile is it?

The way we handle that is to do exactly what you've already done. List your affiliations in your signature. Makes it easy and simple for everyone.

As for getting word out about the clubs, that brings us right back to the links directory. Have a look and make sure your club is listed. If not, then add them. The only requirement is that they have a website, there's no fee or obligation.

Our links directory is rapdily gaining traffic, and already ranks fairly well on Google. As it grows and gets more traffic I expect the rank to increase.

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