Lenz Decoders dropping configuration after a short circuit

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Hi all,
This is my first post!
I have two HOm Bemo locomotives using Lenz Std decoders. In the real world these two locos normally run in consist, and so I am trying to run them as such on my layout.
Problem is that when I experience a brief short circuit on the layout (for whatever reason), and the NCE system reboots itself, these two locos will both have lost their configuration settings. I then have to do a factory reset on test track, and reconfigure them individually.
This is odd because normally when this happens, the NCE system reboots and all locomotives pick up where they left off. But not these two?
It's been suggested that I replace both decoders, but I'm not sure this will help?
Is it a known problem with Lenz? Is it something to do with running in consist?
Any thoughts?:confused::confused::confused::confused:


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Welcome to the forum! I don't have any Lenz decoders myself so I can't share any experience about that brand. But I've had decoders go 'psycho' on me from time to time, several different brands - Digitrax, NCE, TCS, you name it. Some of the things I've done to minimize the pain, include (1) separating my layout into power districts with an automated circuit breaker on each of them; and (2) setting up DecoderPro and reading each loco's CV settings into a file that can be quickly re-written to a scrambled decoder.


I would contact Lenz about the issue, but do check on your shorting issues, but you know, shorts happen, even to me. You might get replacement decoders, I am sure they will want to know the issue and fix it if it is design problem and fixable.


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Thanks for the advice dinwitty.
It's a problem specific to these two locos only.
Regarding the shorting business. It's an exhibition layout, and there's a lot of 'activity' in the fiddle yard during exhibition. There's a high likliehood of accidental shorts in such circumstances, given there are so many hands on at any given time.
I'll see if I can get in touch with www.lenzusa.com for some advice.


some good tips there. Usually you would program all your engines to separate addresses, but if you pair a couple all the time just makem the same address. If this happens again, do some powerup tests first and try again. Killing the DC feature would be a good idea. Decoders are a mix of features some memory might be safe, some might be volatile in shorts, who knows, or shorts etc will squabblle boots, powerup, I know my own computer would do the same thing.


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Yes! some excellent tips. I had never considered programming both locos to the same address. These do run together all the time. Excellent idea.

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