Lego 2 axle switcher

Lego at the NMRA Train Show


We just returned from the NMRA Train Show in Cincinnati, Ohio that was held July 8-10th.
I had heard of Lego in model railroading but had never seen it. Well the Lego group in Cincinnati had a very impresive layout.
Here are some of the pictures.
My hubby is holding hands with the Lego guys! ;)
Anyone looking for a good replica, I can STILL make faithful copies of Trains in Lego... I just thought I'd post this so people know, if they want it, I can make it.
Hi, Fan of the 4449 thanks for posting the pictures. Lego layouts are attracting a lot of attention nowdays and small wonder. The last show I attended up here in the boondocks had an impressive operating display an to say they stole the show wouldn't be an understatement. The buildings were easily recognisable as being representitive of buildings in the province. Nice of your husband to pose with the guys as it gives us an idea of the size. Very impressive display, thanks for sharing.
I've posted this before but just for reference " In The Boondocks" :D
Hello, the criter that started this thread had to be put back to pieces, however I might somehow incorporate the small Lego RR into my HO layout, although that's a farshot...
Oh, WOW. As I type this, I can hear the nightly summer fireworks from Legoland California. I haven't been there in a couple of years, but I MUST gather up the granddaughters and get over there!!!

I wonder, can I make a Lego train that will run on G-scale track????