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Fleeing from Al
Matt, great video and modeling. The scenery is perfect since you live in the same area the protoype ran. How many years have you been working on this railroad?
Thanks Jim.

We've been working on the outdoor layout since 1999. It started indoors as a Christmas tree layout back in 1983. Eventually it got too big so we moved it outdoors. Everything except the track (although we also bring in the switch tracks) has to come indoors during the winter due to possible heavy snows and Elk.


Fleeing from Al
Well, those have been years well spent, Matt. Very impressive looking layout, especially with the view from the cab. It must be quite a job carting everything in for the winter and out again for the spring. I knew snow could be a problem but I never even thought of something like an Elk. I imagine they could smash a structure in about two seconds flat.


Videos in sequence.

I posted these before at different times but since the topic is layout videos I thought I would put them all in one place. The boys like posting videos for their grandpa (who can't travel) and their cousins spread everywhere.

Episode I: Rocco & Dominic's model railroad

Episode II Kade comes over

Episode III: First Train Set and Engine Roll Call

Episode IV Construction of the Table

Episode V Trains in the neighborhood

Here is my entry. It's a real cheap camera, and no sound editing, but an interesting experiment!



I really like the cab-cam approach. To me, the run-by's are mostly an ego trip ("lookit all my rolling stock!") but the cab-perspective videos really give you a sense of the layout. Maybe a combination of the two would be interesting - mixing segments from the engineer's perspective, with narration about where we are and what we're looking at, plus some segments from a railfan perspective, narrated as if by the conductor ("here's the afternoon local, taking # cars from the x, y, and z industries in Blattsville to the interchange track with the ABC railroad").

If my layout was farther along in terms of scenery I might take a shot at this just to see if the idea works at all...


Fleeing from Al
Nice video but those switches in Binghampton Yard need some work! I'm surprised everything stayed on the track. Nice stop action work on the lime unloading sequence.

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