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I finally started my layout this past weekend. My wife and daughter went to a wedding in Ohio, so I took advantage of the alone time to get going on my layout. I built 3 corner modules out of a bunch of 1x3 that my inlaws gave me for my birthday back in November. I'm going with a sort of modular construction so I can remove and reused most of the layout when (if) we move out of our house at some point. I'll get some pictures and post them once I install the modules, which will probably happen Easter weekend. I'm just so happy to get started, I've been planning this layout for quite a while, planning things out in my head. Now I just have to get my trackplan on paper. I've pretty much got everything figured out where it will go, just need to verify where to place the switches etc.

In lieu of a track plan, here's a brief description of what I hope to achieve: room is approximately 16' x 18', layout around the walls 24-30" deep, swing-away section where door enters room. Common yard for Woodstock, outer loop goes up (2-4" or so) as it does in real life, levels off for Zorra passing siding and 2 cement plants, back down and into yard (continuous running :) ) There will also be track heading deeper down for hidden storage/staging. Inner loop goes down (probably 4") to Beachville for a passing/storage siding, continues down to Ingersoll, short yard, interchange track, from there it will go into the storage/staging area, which will be underneath the Woodstock yard. So I sort of have 2 levels with the 2 loops, not sure yet if I will have a steep scenicked hill between the levels or if I will separate them with some kind of riser to differentiate the scenes, I'll decide that later when get around to adding scenery. The other idea I'm toying with is having another line from the staging to the Zorra siding, this way I can access the staging from both ends. I'll have to decide that when I build the benchwork along that wall. Just for reference, Woodstock & Zorra are at opposite ends of the room. Ok, maybe this isn't such a brief description. :)
A bunch of 1x3s for a birthday present? You sure are easy to please. :D :D

Looking forward to seeing the progress made.
You've lost me with the hidden staging. :eek:
OK loop #1 From Woodstock yard up (2" or 4") to Zorro and back down (2" or 4") returning to the Woodstock yard. (continuous running :) )
Now it gets confusing :confused: There will also be track heading deeper down for hidden storage/staging from where?
Then Loop #2 Inner loop goes down (probably 4") to Beachville for a passing/storage siding, continues down to Ingersoll, short yard, interchange track, from there it will go into the storage/staging area, which will be underneath the Woodstock yard.

Where does it go down from, and how does it get back to the Woodstock yard? Or is this loop totaly independant from loop #1?

Cheers Willis :confused:
Loop #1: Ok, Woodstock & Zorra are on opposite sides of the room, track down to staging goes roughly from Zorra to underneath Woodstock.

Loop #2: Beachville is on opposite side of room from Woodstock, in front of/below Zorra, loop #2 is independent of loop #1, not really a loop, just a track from yard to staging that goes through 2 towns :)

I'll try to scratch something together to show you what I mean. I'm still trying to figure out the grades to keep things from getting too steep for CPR's one-lung-wonders. Loop #1 may end up completely level, even though in real life it climbs pretty steeply out of Woodstock.

And mushroom, I was very happy to have a USEFUL birthday present, and my mother-in-law enjoys giving unconventional gifts.
I added a quick drawing I made in SolidWorks. I uploaded it to my gallery. Now can someone tell me where this gallery is located so I can direct people there or post a link? Thanks. :)

BTW, the drawing just shows town locations and divisions between the 2 levels, try not to read too much into the dimensions right now, as only the room is to scale. The bridge across the doorway I haven't thought too much about yet.
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Ok in addition the last description cleared it up so there is no problem understanding the drawing. BTW what's a CPR's one-lung-wonder.
It seems that CPR likes to power many of their container trains with just one AC4400 that can barely make track speed, especially on the hilly Galt sub. And then the next train will have 2 SD40-2s and a handful of auto racks and just go flying up the hills. I'm not sure I understand the logic, but somewhere somehow it has been justified.

Thanks for the tips about showing pictures. :)
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Huh! ok, not so much the engine itself, but the train in it's entirety. Someone trying to prove a point I guess, anyway if you have any problem with the uploads just ask. :D
One point to ponder is you will be running six axel locos, and that means large Radii, which in effect is going to shorten your straight trackage ie: your yards. I notice you have Woodstock on a short wall dimension of 14 ft, you might want to think about that because a large curves and yard ladders take up a lot of real estate, which could leave you with a some what stubby yard trackage.
Cheers Willis
The ends of the Woodstock yard will fold around the corners somewhat. I'll have to recheck that 14 foot dimension too. I'm aiming for a minimum of 36 inches, since the inner loop is the St Thomas sub which mostly sees auto racks. The yard is only 6 or 7 tracks across with the main running through the middle, so ladders shouldn't be excessively long.

Here's some prototype info.
St Thomas sub:
Galt sub:

On the Galt sub page, at picture 87.64 west and 88.1 east, you can get an idea of the main part of the Woodstock yard. At picture 90.47, you can see the 904 on the signal mast that I took my username from, since it's right beside my parents' farm.
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minimum of 36 inches; 6 or 7 tracks across
Ah my friend maybe you best download one of thes programs to do a little drawing. Here is a link to "Layout Design Programs" section where you can get links to a free download for a CAD program. I'm thinking the smallest turnout you'll be using will be a #6 and with a length of 12" each, the 36" Radius is going to eat up 9 sq. ft of space so on the 14 ft dimension you are going to loose at least 6 feet of straight, now add the required turnouts for 6 tracks, I don't know. I'm not saying it can't be done, but it will certainly bear looking into carefully. Heres a pic of a similar situation on mine, the width is about 30" and the length is over 16 ft. The curves coming into it are 30"R and 32" R.
Cheers Willis
You're link seems to be missing, were you going to show me XTrkCad? I already downloaded it a bit ago, but I haven't had time yet to sit down and get the layout roughed out in it. I think for the yard I need about 8-10 linear feet per track, which would hold about the amount of auto racks to acheive the affect I want (an HO 89' auto rack being about 12" long.) That 30" in width sure gets eaten up fast, what is your track spacing in the picture?

yes silly me forgot to add it :eek: Oh well there is some good information in that section on layout planning and a link to a pretty good site. Oh and if you figure out how to use that Xtrack Cad, email me a short course on it. :D
Seriously though, the large radii curves plus the few #6 turnouts on that stretch of my layout take up the whole 18 feet in length, something to consider if you are planning on long trains.

Cheers Willis
Where does that Xtrack Cad come from? I'm not so keen on downloading something I don't know anything about. I'll go do a Google search on it.

Hi Bill the software comes from here there is a description on this page. I've downloaded it and it's safe however maybe I'm to old to have the patience to learn to use it. I've always been a hands on person and built the layout that way, scenery is all I have left to do, so I don't have any imediate need for the program. I'd have to do quite a bit of backtracking to find out where I got the link from, hardly worth the trouble. Any way look it over, if you find anything interesting about it be sure to post.
Cheers Willis
Been a while since any work got done on the layout or the room it's in. This past week while I had a couple days off after the birth of our second daughter, I finished drywalling the layout room, next comes mudding and sanding and painting. I also need to rework the door to the attic so it clears my layout. I also started assembling my Proto 1000 CP Rail newspaper car, except they didn't have enough door rails with the kit, so I have to get in touch with LL to send me the missing parts.... Still wish I had picked up all rest of the CPR newspaper cars this particular vendor had at a model RR show, I haven't seen them again yet as cheap as I picked mine up. Makes me wonder whether the guy knew what he was selling?