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Spartanburg & Western RR
I need help designing my layout. I will be building a 20' x 20' building to house the layout and work bench. work bench area need only be big enough to build and work on models. does not need tobe based on a prototype railroad. I have my fictional Spartanburg & Western. the only building i have now for it is the Valley Cement by Walthers. I'm wanting it to be on a branch by itself maybe served by its own switcher. any help would be great. thanks


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Only you know what your ideal is for a railroad. If we don't know that, there's not a lot we can do. Layout design is hard work. And it's important. A layout will cost you between $50 and $100 a square foot and take 50 hours per square foot to build. Planning is cheap in comparison. Plan to spend some time planning your layout.

What are your givens and druthers?

If you have not done so, take a look at my Beginner's Guide to Layout Design. It takes about 5 minutes to read and you can click to it from my signature.


WOW! 20X20 sounds awesome, wish I had the space for it. Like SpaceMouse said its important on how you plan it. I would suggest going to you local hobbyshop and getting a couple of magazines. Model Railroader has published some really good books. I bought 101 track plans, for ideas sake. I didn't use any of the examples but they do shed some light on what you might want to do. There is one on railroad wiring which I have found to be very helpful. As for my benchwork I go back to my plan. Its a 10X8 structure and costed me around $75 in lumber and hardware. That didn't count the time in cutting it and building it along with hours of unexpected problem solving. One main thing is that I have not been in any hurry. There is another thread called "started" where I have posted some pix of what I have done.
i sent you a message, and like i said, i would be very happy to design a model railroad for you, i read your thread last night and i have already started planning it, its a really long mainline run, with separate staging, 2 pinisulas, a 7-8 track yard, an engine terminal, the whole nine yards pretty much. The minimum radii is around 27. I have also listed some places for possible entry points/access points. Just list me with a few more things that you would want on your model railroad and i can include them. Once im done i will be very very happy to post it on here for you, along with everyone else to enjoy.

Hope This Helps

hey no problem krazyloader, im almost done with it, ill be posting it by tomorrow, if you dont like it i can redraw another, dont worry i love designing mrr's


Heres the layout design if you dont like it ican always redesign another one for you..

Hope you like it,

O wait damnit when i tried to upload it, it says that, the file size is too big. Do you know how to delete the files that i already have saved?



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