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Ok, I'll admit I've got an agenda here. I'm designing a layout, and trying to fit in way too much stuff (like any other model railroader...)

In all this talk about XtrkCad, I got to wondering if I should let other folks take a crack at the space available. Is there any interest in my putting up a file of the room and letting folks do a design? I wouldn't call it a contest, since layout design is way too personal and arbitrary to come up with a "winner", but it might be a fun project to play with.

If there's interest, we could let other folks submit a space too, and see what designs folks come up with.

So, anyone interested in giving it a shot?

grove den

naturally natural trees
contest for fun!

Yes Bob I like this idea!
Maybe there will besome "European influence" in the trackplan but I would give it a try
BTW: I can not design it on the computer...Far to dificult for me, just the old pencil and "crayons"


Fun Lover
I won't do it without a complete list of givens and druthers including but not limited to era, location, industries, terrain ranked in order of importance, what you like about model railroading (yards, dropping cars, rail-fanning) engine livery, staging requirements, etc. etc. etc.

Otherwise, I'd be designing my druthers on your givens--1885 SP.


Lazy Daydreamer

If I could have time to install and learn the "standard" software (XtrkCad) I'll certainly join in the game! I read the Armstrong book over the summer, so I've learned a thing or two that I wish I'd known before I laid the track on my own layout.


Pennsy Tuscan Red Blood
Sounds good. Let's give it a try. I'm going through the same thing with my club right now. We just got a new space 25'x30', and just finish painting the walls and floor. Next week or 2 we should be installing the upgrade electrical system. during this whole time people have been coming up with track plans and we'll vote on a basic plan/mainline configuration. Then once that's chosen we can tweak the plan to perfection.

I have a good feeling about this thread. GOOD LUCK everyone. Let's plan a Railroad!


Pennsy Tuscan Red Blood
Ok, I think our job is done here!
ModelBob, start laying track.

Here it is!
View attachment 5350

Operation is a "little" limited, but I think it works. scenery posibilities: a mountain on each side and an interchange tower in the middle.

Good luck.

PS- this could work well at a club also, if anyone is looking?


grove den

naturally natural trees
Ron That is ART!! minimal-art, indeed: less is more:D ;) very smooth curves.....

BTW The level of your design"craftmanship" is far above ours, so I don't think it is fair that you join to the "conntest"LOL:D :D

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