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Today I had the opportunity to visit the Lakeshore Model Railroad Club on the southeast side of Chicago in the Calumet Park Fieldhouse. Thanks to Larry Harwood, Tim Lloyd, Larry Moore, and Pete Mitropolulos who were more than willing to run a variety of trains for me to enjoy and photograph. Their website is

Yes, I'm learning about the depth-of-field issues......

First, here are some scenes and common equipment on the layout:
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Nickel Plate Power

Here's Larry Harwood's Nickle Plate locomotives pulling a coal-only consist:
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Larry Moore had a great looking set of Rock Island locos in a late '40s scheme: (and check out that string of reefers - he had at least 30 of 'em!)
Finally we have Tim Lloyd's BNSF and SantaFe lash-ups. Both very photogenic subjects:
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