Kadee couplers



I feel like such a rookie with some of these issues or questions i have. Well here it is. I know I have Kadee coupler #5 on my GP38s and they are too high for my freightcars. WHen they I first couple them to a car they work, but when I got into a curve they let go. What size of coupler do I need to solve this?
You need to get use to a coupler heighth gauge. You also need to print the Kadee coupler application guide Like Willis said. I printed mine & it hangs on the back board of my work bench. Also, sometimes it takes a hit or miss coupler change to find the right one. If it uncouples on a curve it needs to be longer than standard. Another thing is your track might have a little dip in the track or the curve is too short for a long car. If the curve is to short, then you may need to install a truck mounted coupler instead of a body mount. There's so many variables in couplings. Like they say " Been there done that"