K-Line Turns to Bankruptcy Court for Protection

I have a friend who is a supplier to many of the manufacturers and knows all the players in this mess. Everytime I see him it's been like a new chapter in a soap opera. By the way, watch Broadway Limited stuff, as it's assets are at risk in this as well.
BoneValleyALCo said:
Just another case of big fish (Lionel) eating little fish (K-line), until being eaten by an even larger fish (MTH)

Uh, from everything I hear K-line is far from innocent. Everyone agrees they stole trade secrets, and there's really no justifying that.
So whats this going to do? send Kline stuff sky rocketing? I have stuff in mint condition thats original Kline stuff from the 50's and what not. What about todays stuff? will the prices drop or rise? MTH will be the deffinite big fish. I agree with the other guy, just watch! and give it time!.
I don't think K line made trains until 1985.
I think their first product was a model of the Statue Of Liberty.

Carl T.