June 2005 Photo Contest - Comments


PS - A word about the subject. "Show us your best shot" is meant very loosely.

Really, the subject could just as easily be titled "Open Season" or "You make the call!". It doesn't have to actually be your all time best ever model railroad photo, (when I think of "your best shot" I'm picturing dioramas, and photo backdrops and lots of hard work...) Simply pick one you like at the moment, and think folks will enjoy. Most of all, have fun.
Hey Bob what happened to mine? I uploaded it days ago. :D
Cheers Willis

OK 24th I've uploaded a photo again, I've rechecked and it's still there, so don't loose it this time please :D
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<p>&gt; Hey Bob what happened to mine? I uploaded it days ago. <br><br>Bob was busy this weekend:<br><br><a href="http://www.steamrailroadphotos.com/photopost/showphoto.php?photo=599&cat=504&page=1"><img alt="gulch-2.jpg" src="http://www.steamrailroadphotos.com/photopost/data/504/thumbs/gulch-2.jpg" border="0"></a></p>
> Where do I vote? When I click on the voting link, it takes me to Railroadforums.

Entries are accepted until the end of the month. Once they're all entered, we'll set up a contest with all of June's photos. (Gotta get all the ponies into the starting gate before we can start the race... :))

You're right that the voting is held over at RailroadForums, since we have more members there, it gets more people voting, which I think helps make it a fair contest for everyone.

So a couple days after the end of the month look for the new poll and you can vote.