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I have been collecting John Deere HO scale trains made by Athern, for a while now, but I seem to have trouble finding all the sets that Athern has made. I have seen many on ebay, but those sets are all usually the same, of which I own most of anyways. I've also looked at Athern's website and it shows a partial listing of rolling stock, but I have some cars that aren't even on that site. So does anyone know anything about where I can find lists of John Deere train sets, rolling stock, and scale vehicles that Athern has produced?


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I don't believe there is anywhere that has everything completely listed. I've been collecting the sets since the beginning. I think I'm only missing the last set or two.


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Have you tried a WTB listing on Yahoo's HO Yard Sale Website? If not, try that.

I have a good friend whose dad is a former exec at John Deere. He has a substantial Lionel O guage collection and has some Deere stock he's accumulated through the years. Ill ask him and see if he knows of any HO items that may be out there.
Its nice to here from someone that collects John Deere to. So you have all but the last couple of sets? Do you also have most of the rolling stock to? I have about twenty box and falt cars, one of the rail cranes, and a few of the cargo box trucks. Do you know what sets you have and are missing?, because those seem to be the hardest to find. Athern's web site still has a listing of all the rollling stock, but the site doesn't have any of the sets. I also have a couple sets that I've never seen on the internet including ebay.
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I went back out and did an inventory of them I have in the plastic totes. Here's what I have all still wrapped in the shrink wrap.

#1 set 1997
#2 set 1998
#2 accessory set
#3 set 1999
#3 accessory set
#4 set 2000
#4 accessory set
#5 set 2001
#5 Steam Locomotive & Tender (Genesis #1)
#5 rolling stock set
#6 rolling stock set 2002
#7 set 2003
#8 set 2004
#9 set 2005
#10 set 2006
#11 set 2007

2003 Holiday set
2004 North Pole Express

Genesis #2 2002
Genesis #3 2003
Holy cow! Thats awesome. I thought I had at least a moderate collection, with three sets and twenty or so peices of rolling stock. Did you just buy them all at a local hobby shop or have you been buying them online?

I believe I have the 1998 set, without the accesories. I have two sets I'm not sure what years, but one has three bombardier cars, and the other is newer set that has a second generation diesel with big eight wheel tractors on a flatcar, a hopper, a boxcar, and a caboose.

I know it would be a lot of trouble, but can you email me pictures of what you have? I would really like a reference of the sets, which seems like you have them all. That would be great.

I can then forward you what cars are availble ready to roll from athern. Most of which came individually.


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I collected them over 5 or 6 years I think. Mostly on ebay, but some of the sets came directly from John Deere dealers (Outback toys, Brinkley & Hurst).

I pretty much stopped when the sets were released at $250. That got a bit to rich for me. The only RTR car set I wanted was the 250 ton crane, just never found one cheap enough.

Give me till this weekend, I'll get them all out and take pictures for you.
That would be great! I sent you an email of some stuff I found on Athearns web site, pictures of the RTR stuff, and some other sets that I have seen. That I'm not sure you have. I was lucky and bought the yellow crane, but by the time I went back for the green one it was gone, and the ones I've seen since have been sold for three or four times as much as I paid the store for mine.

I can definitly wait till the weekend, I'm pretty excited though. Thank you


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Mike, no problem. I actually updated my list myself the other night. I haven't had them out in over a year now. I'd forgotten how many sets I had. ;)
So on ebay again, and I saw PIKO, a european model train manufacture also has released a John Deere line to. And of course they have euro axles, couplers, and looks, but they are John Deere none the less. The engine is an electric Taurus, and there are four or five cars that go along with it all sold seperately. The seller wanted $160 for all of the cars and engine.

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