"Our records indicate that you have never posted to our site before! Why not make your first post today by saying hello to our community in our Introductions forum."

Couldn't find the "Introductions forum" so I'm saying hello here. I'm a true newbie here. My son showed an interest so I got him a small set. Then I remembered that I had some trains stored away from a loooong time ago. Everything is mismatched but we are having fun with it anyway. Getting some great ideas here. Thanks.
Welcome, er..."son"!;) Yours is a pretty common scenario, one of our most active forum members got into the Hobby as a result of building a Harry Potter-centered layout for his then-8yr-old boy.

The so-called "Coffee Shop" thread is what most of us think of as an introductory forum. That's one place you can talk about pretty much anything you want, train-related or not.

BTW, do you have a regular first name [with fewer syllables]?
Couldn't find the "Introductions forum" so I'm saying hello here.
Here is good :D
Hi Itsreallyformyson wow! you really need a shorter handle (some of us don't like typing :D) Welcome to the ModelRailroadForums. Don't feel that in order to post you have to have the exact correct forum for your question. Administration here is pretty easy to get along with and will help you with that until you get the feel of navigating these forums. If your post would be better located in another area of the forums for a better response it can be easily moved to the better location. If you have any concerns or questions just ask in any area you think it fits best. Enjoy the forums and enjoy the hobby.
Hi, It'sReally... and welcome to the forums! I used that excuse, too. I wangled a layout for our son when he was about 10 --- I always wanted a layout, but never had one of my own as a kid because "girls don't play with trains." A few years later, The Son got ME an HO set, all for myself. Alas, more years later, the eyes started to go and the hands started to shake, so I got into G-scale! :D
Thanks for the welcome everybody and just to make it easier for everyone. You can call be Bob. The son that the trains are really for is Carson. It's a little intimidating to see all the detailed and elaborate layouts everyone has. Ours will not be like that but will be fun for us. He's really into Military type stuff so we're going to do a military base. I bought him the special forces set. We like camping also so there will be a campground somewhere also.
Sounds like you're gonna have fun, just remember don't stop at that layout! If you like it but have better ideas start rebuilding!