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Fred's Loco Shop Foreman
I'm adding DCC and lights to my Bachmann high rail Step Van. I've seen various pics of the real sperry ones and noticed that they sometimes have horns on the rear of the van... why would those be necessary when they can run to a grade crossing, and turn around?

Basic question is, how realistic would it be to run the van in reverse, and should I put lights in it as such?



I've noticed it as well but from my understanding its the same premise that some RRs mount the locomotive horn in the center of the unit, so you don't make the crew deaf. its still plenty loud enough on the rear to warn motorists but you're not getting the right under it sound all day long.


BN Modeller
A lot of times you have to back up quite a distance but don't want to turn the truck. An example would be to clear a train when you have ten minutes of track time it's faster to reverse to the nearest siding than take off the rails.
In the past I've run in reverse something like four miles because the nearest crossing was too short for the truck. (5 ton fire truck) We had lights to the rear but no horn.
Here's an inspection van I've been working on for a couple years, it always gets put on the back burner!


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I am also working on a Sperry truck that I worked on in 2001. Its a Custom Finishings kit that I am powering with a NWSL power truck.




By the time I am done it will look like this.





BN Modeller
Do you work for Sperry Rico?

No I worked with (but not for) Loram. We put the fires out that the grinder started, and boy there were a lot of them! We did run into Sperry guys all the time who got caught in the same track time we did.
We all sat in a siding for over four hours once, drank coffee and watched Trailer Park Boys on the satelite!

Mark that is gonna be sweet when it's done... keep the pictures coming!

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