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Ok as i come closer to finishing the track, Im starting too think of the Industries. Now i know for certain where the Lumber Mill and Grain Silos are going. But out of the three indystry locations theres one that has yet too be decided on what its future will be. It location is rate on the edge of a rural Town. And i wish for this future unknown industrie too consume either Lumber or grain for thats what other industries produce on my layout.

SO if you can help me think of what industrie too pick for a somewhat rural town that would consume lumber or grain. I thought of a furniture factory but theres not many that would suite my need then i thought of a flow mill, The walthers Cornerstone one, It seems like a somehwat good Idea. Now the industry can consume Small- Large quanties of the Item Lumber or grain, and it has to fit in a mid size area. The Track would be able to hold 4-5 cars of average length.

To give you an idea here are the Specs:

Era: Moder

Road: NS

Location: Rural PA

If you could help this would be apreciated, Heres a Map of the Layout

grove den

naturally natural trees
Hello conrail 92,

Could this be something for your layout.
I took these pictures yesterday on a layout in Germany that is( in model) situated in a rural town/ countryside...
You can see the products that are finished. They are used to make large roofs.( do not know the english word for it:mad: )
To make them you must have big and large "lumber stuff" So I thought.....


BTW what do you mean by: moder?


hey what area of the country are you modeling? I just thought of a cotton gin if modeling the southern US, I just ordered IHC's factory(prt# 4940) and chemical plant (7006), I also will have Life Like factory lifl398 and a packing house from IHC. I am almost finished with Flying T Ranch so the cattle will have a place to get turned into steaks:)



Here's a few options:

A small coal mine/reload (they were very common)
Coke Ovens
Lumber mill

Another option for a small town is a team track, where various commodities were delivered.


Model Bob, I think you miss read or miss saw i already have a Lumber mill going up and a farm and silo, what i need was a industry that would consume Lumber or grain.

I got help from other people and i think im going to go with a feed mill for it would fit in this rural area and there very common around my area of western pa in small towns. And it will Consume Lumber and Grain Both.

Team track Would be the idea but what industry would be near it that would need either of thoose products cant just unload there and not go anywhere.
lol i could have a flea market park some cars theres and have the towns people come too them and buy straight from the cars themselves. :p


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Not every industry on your layout needs to complement another industry on your layout. There is such a thing as "staging" that will represent the entire world not depicted on your layout, or you can even hand drop a few cars in your yard that come from, say, California, that will be delivered to the teamtrack. This makes operations more enjoyable and realistic, and provides a vital link to the outside world.

Why do you feel that every industry on your layout must be able to deliver to/receive from another industry on your layout? That isn't very realistic; you will rarely, if EVER, find an instance where a product is delivered within the same town by rail. Your industries need to deliver to/receive from industries OFF your railroad, thousands of miles away. This also allows you to diversify your commodities, instead of just sticking to lumber and grain. How about oil or ethanol delivered from Texas or the Midwest? How about a warehouse that would take loads from all 50 states and Canada? What about a steel fabrication plant? An auto parts plant? A grocery warehouse? All would receive cars from imaginary industries far, far away...

Keep in mind your railroad isn't a closed circuit of track (although technically your layout is), it is part of the vast Norfolk Southern and is connected to every part of the continent, US and Canada. You can do business, therefore, with virtually every town, city, state or province you can think of.

That being said, I like your trackplan and the "wye" you managed to fit in. Very nice!
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I'm not looking to have every industry have a source too go too on the layout, but i didn't want everything going out too the world and coming from the world i was just expecting too have 1 complimentary industry for another, I'm mainly expecting the Grain to go out since it will produce allot more then the little town would ever consume. I guess the More i think about it maybe something different would be for the better.And if i do think somewhere else what other industry could i place? But I still have allot of thought too put into this.

Thank You.
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Alot of good ideas floating around here. One thing I thought about is the Gruesome Casket Co. It is a smaller kit and my fit in with your lumber deal and my workout to be small enough for you to have 2 industries on that track.


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A warehouse would certainly allow you to receive inbound boxcars and other types of cars from virtually anywhere you can think of. What about a cement plant? Asphalt plant? (Walthers makes great-looking models of both). Your imagination is the limit!

What's more, you can establish trade relationships with other model railroaders, and connect the industries on your layout with the industries on theirs...


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grain= beer, cereal, but not beer on cereal! Or add one more switch and come up with 2 facilities...a pallet plant (the pallets can be distributed back to about all the factories) and a distillery or cereal plant.

Another idea I thought after looking at it again; In the lower right hand corner you could branch off to a coal mining operation, this would supply needs to all your industries if your modeling the 50-60 era...... And like others said "team track" a great place for odd loads you want to run on the layout; this would fit in the right side of your yard...the last track you have there...alot can be taken there...tankers, lumber, coal box cars, raw freight ect. anything that can be picked up by trucks.
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You really can't go wrong with a warehouse or freight terminal. Those are pretty generic and could get a lot of boxcar traffic. Larger warehouses are being located out in more rural areas due to land prices. So, it's definitely plausible to have a decent-sized facility there.

You may even get an occasional flatcar or gondola load. Machinery or maybe a combine.

Either of your building choices is OK; depends on the amount of available real estate in that corner of the world.


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