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I'm new to model RR and to this forum. I pieced together a set up from things I bought separately on ebay and tried setting everything up, I get a humming sound which comes and goes and the lights come and go as well, but no movement... obviously I'm not getting a steady supply of electricity, but even when the lights are on, it won't move.
Here are the specifics, I appreciate any insight:

I have the LGB 2071 D locomotive.
I bought brass track that looks to have some tarnish, and does not have the plastic ties to keep the sections together, so there may be gaps(?).
I have the LGB 5003/110 transformer... it has a plug and the wires to clip to the track, but it also has a second set of spring clips, so do I need a second set of wires/track clips?

When I set everything up, I hear a hum and the lights come on in the locomotive for a bit, but it won't move... and the hum will stop and the lights go out.

Thanks in advance for any help!

D&J RailRoad

Professor of HO
Sounds like a jammed motor. When the hum and lights go away, I'm inclined to think the transformer has overheated and shut itself down.
If you have a volt ohm meter, try measuring the voltage on the track near the transformer when you can hear the hum. When the hum goes away, measure for voltage again. If there isn't any then you have a jammed or shorted motor, most likely jammed if it's humming.
On another train of thought, are you sure you have the right output from the transformer going to the track. I believe you need DC power. If you have the AC hooked to the track, your headlight may work but the motor won't run on AC.


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First off, welcome to model railroading and the forum! Second, it is a steep leering curve to try to enter the hobby with used equipment. I recommend a ready to run starter set for beginners. Considering I am a day late and a dollar short with my advice I will try to help you as best I can.

I don't know anything about G gauge other then my grandsons' Lionel battery operated polar express sets.

However I think you have connection problems, dirty track, and wheels and or electrical pickups. No matter what you have to eliminate those possibilities before moving on to the next step in trouble shooting.

The second set of clips (second output) is probably for accessories.

Try cleaning the track, wheels and or electrical pickups on the locomotive.

Don't use steel wool or sand paper unless you absolutely have to. If you do clean up with a magnet and a vacuum to avoid and debris getting into the locomotive. A sharp knife or razor blade is useful for stubborn dirt. Watch your fingers!

A multi-meter is a useful tool to assist you if you have one or can get one. A cheap $10 meter is all you need.

Hopefully a G gauge expert will come along to better assist you. In the mean time I wish you luck.


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To D&J and Bruette,
Thank you both for the advice! I will check the voltage and see about cleaning the tarnish off the track as a first step.


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I am not familiar with G scale equipment but what I know about HO might be the same. I second what Ken says. If the light comes on then you are getting power, although it may be AC. The other thing to check for is jammed running gear. Take the shell off and try turning the motor by hand. If there is binding, then start looking at the gearing. If you're mechanically inclined then disconnect the drive shaft(s) from the motor and see if it works without a load on it.


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To start of, welcome to the forum. Welcome.gif

I agree with Ken and that is what I would start off with.


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I have the LGB 5003/110 transformer... it has a plug and the wires to clip to the track, but it also has a second set of spring clips, so do I need a second set of wires/track clips?!
No, you do not need a second set. Have you connected the track to terminals #1 & #2 of the transformer?


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Welcome aboard D !
what the guys said to do is the same as what I'd try first too.
I'm thinking a picture of the transformer and maybe the track connections might help with the diagnosis.


Gomez Addams
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That power pack only puts out a bit less than half an amp, max. It may not be enough to power the locomotive.

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Can't say about G scale but the old track I have gotten in HO responds well to a little elbow grease, don't forget the 'faces' on the ends of the rail as well as the top and inside edge. Checking with a multi-meter shows the same as new.

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