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Well I have been a member of the Swamp Creek & Western Railroad Association for some time now.
but I have been wanting a place to both photograph my trains outside and be some what functional.

This is my first time to plan and try to build a module. I am planning on building a single line to double main line with a 4' or 5' length section or module. I would like to expand from here but would like to keep it simple to start with. any thoughts would be appreciated.

The Setting is in the Palouse region of Washington State. Any thoughts or help with this region would also be appreciated.


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The Standards seam to be pretty straight forward. I think I am asking for scenery input and the size of the module from people that have done this before.
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"Palouse Region" kinda left the door wide open on this one...if you are referring to Mockenema (west of Colfax) and points west...then it's nothing more than grain, sagebrush, get the idea...if you want to entertain points east, like Palouse, Pullman, your vegetation is going to be different for the trees in that area. And then there's the task of deciding routes and operations....points of origin and points of destination....and what era! Do you want to go as early as OWR&N??? UP??? or do you want to entertain the Watco operations taking place now? EACH time slot has entertained different routes...and operations....during OWR&N, Winona used to be a hub!!! OWR&N came up from the south in three different directions...Hay, Ayer, and Connell...UP came from Spokane thru the Tekoa Branch and then branched off at Seltice thru Oaksdale, Thorton, and St John....and also had trains coming in from Pullman thru Colfax and Endicott. Few ppl know that with ALL these operations, and all these train crews working in and out of Winona, it would be enough business to dictate the need of a motel, resturant, grocery store, hardware store (which my grandfather opened up first as a harness shop in 1906) post office, grange hall, fire station.....history tells us that when UP took over OWR&N, trains started running straight thru to Hooper....and then to Ayer....and then Hinkle. So, if you ever visit Winona, you'll still see some of the relics and foundations of what the railroad help create....and abandon!! There are numerous towns in the Palouse that entertained more than one rr too...something else to keep in mind...But I hope this helps you decide where and what you want to focus on with your layout...

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