I need a part, But don't know What Part!


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OK here is the problem. I'm building a model of a specific prototype GP9 that has a strobe light mounted on the cab roof. It's not a post mounted flashing light, but it's flush mounted to the cab roof. I purchased a detail part ( operating flasher) Walthers part 757-103 http://www.walthers.com/exec/productinfo/757-103

Now on a suggestion from another model builder, the prototypical look for mounting this LED would be to first mount a Detail Associates part (Flush mount Flasher), then drill a hole through the center of it, leaving just the ring, then mount the LED up through that. My problem is I don't know, nor can I find the D.A. part number for the dummy flasher.
Any ideas?
Cheers Willis
Thanks Ed, don't know why I couldn't get them on a search, wrong words most likely.
235-106 or 235-126 look like they'd work so I'll order both. Thank's again
Cheers Willis