I made it to the big time

Lets see it! For those of us not on facebook.
This is the one they posted. I don't have FB either, but somehow I was able to see the page.

Earl's Oil, Old Dominion Broom, and Majestic Hardware


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Congrats, great work and well deserved.

By the way though, don't underestimate this website either. Granted, it's certainly not Facebook, but I suspect it gets more traffic than their page does.

We have about 30,000 visitors per day. Granted a fair portion of those are bots/spiders etc, but it's still quite a lot of traffic. With a few days left in the month, we're well on the way to 1.1 million hits in April 2024.
It's fun to see your work out in the wild. Walthers used one of my photos for marketing their SD9, BN 6142. It was fun to see it in the flyers, back when I got them...