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HO train man

Live to train around

I am buying it from somebody online and i dont want the lot of track that cam with it- lots of straight, crossing- road, one turnout.

the engines do not work. all-together it was $30


Been Nothin' Since Frisco
The locomotives are probably not worth anything, even as a parts source. Both are available from other manufacturers in a number of paint schemes (although no manufacturer offers a high short hood GP38-2 like the one in UP paint), so these locomotives are basically obsolete, even in mint condition. Of course, the closer they are to mint condition, the more collector value they have; however, the collector market for Bachmann GP40s and Life-Like GP38-2s is basically nonexistent.

The rolling stock is also, for the most part, obsolete. The Weyerhauser boxcar appears to be a Thrall All Door boxcar, and the version manufactured by Life-Like represents a different version than the model manufactured by Walthers. That's not widely known, so most buyers comparing the two would probably notice only the detailing on the two cars and choose the superior Walthers car. However, a modeler such as myself who seeks out the unusual finds these cars interesting.

Anyway, the other cars are more common models and again, have better operating counterparts with better paint jobs from other manufacturers. Even when all these cars are repaired, they still will not operate as reliably as similar cars from Athearn or Walthers. Once repaired, each might fetch about $2 apiece, but it's certainly possible you'd find the one person on ebay willing to shell out $20 for each - stranger things have happened.

That said, if you were asking for curiosity's sake and have every intention to keep and operate them, there's nothing wrong with these freight car models that a few bucks and a little glue can't fix. Just ask (or call - I'm in Tarrant County so I'm pretty close) and I can help on that subject. On the other hand, the locomotives are pretty much worthless, but again, you never know who's looking for these exact models on ebay.


Grandson of ALCO Bldr
I concur....with RCH about the "The Weyerhauser boxcar appears to be a Thrall All Door boxcar" I too would like that car ...also the depressd flat car.
and eve the cattle car which would need extensive weathering. Other than that nothing else is worth it.


Diesel Detail Freak
$30 isn't THAT bad for the items, though some crafty searching and you should be able to get them cheeper.

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