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Only 7 locos here:

1 Bachmann spectrum

2 P2K

2 Athearn RTR

1 Atlas silver series

1 Gem brass

One is N&W and the others are, or will be, obscure short lines or leasers.

Though my roster is small compared with some listed on this thread, I must try to resist getting more. I only need 4.75 locos for operation on my planned layout, so I already have too many.


.75 of a loco?? SWITCHER? Jerome would be proud!

Oh, the 0.75 is sort of two locos. One is the 45 tonner which will just spot hoppers at the crusher for the slag pit and the other is the ore transfer car for the high line. I figured a little critter that just spots hoppers under the crusher is only 0.5 of a loco and the ore transfer car, being powered, should count as at least 0.25 of a loco.

I need two full locos for serving the blast furnace, one for the slag train, one for the hot metal train. The other two run the coke train and a general train of 'stuff going in or out' to staging (eg:dust and recovered iron from slag to the sinter plant off table, tar from the coke ovens being delivered to burn at the blower house, bricks for various lining work, etc). There is also an pig iron ingot job (storage area to port, ingots going out by ship), highline coke switching and some maintenance trains that could be done with an switchers that are free at the time. The ore and limestone come in by ship, so the transfer car handles the final delivery to the stock bins under the high line.

So two locos for switching, two for staging runs and the other 0.75 for specialist jobs.
So far most of my roster consists of either Tyco/Mantua or Atheran or Atlas...need to go through and update my roster as ive aquired a few new ones and traded one off so I need to reupdate it all...uug but I know I do ahve a couple of Jouef trains and another german made one on the way (forget mfg of it tho)


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So far i have 26 engines in my collection, I am a fan of the Union Pacific railroad although I have made some exceptions. :D

3/ AC 4400 - U.P

2/ sd24 - U.P

Bachmann Spectrum
1/8-40c - U.P

1/sd24 - U.P
1/sd24 - C.N.W converted to - U.P

1/E9 - U.P
1/ 2-8-4 - undec converting to - U.P

1/ sd40-2 - U.P
1/sd40-2 - B.N
1/ Gp9 - S.F
1/ Alco GE 1000 hp - U.P

1/E7 - U.P
2/Gp9 - U.P
1/Gp20 - U.P
1/ 0-8-0 Chat converted to - U.P
1/EC1 Trolley - U.P

Life Like-6
3/Gp38 High Nose - S.F
1/Gp38 High Nose - U.P
1/Gp38 Short Hood - U.P
1/F40PH - U.P

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Some of you guys are hilarious with your totals. I realize you've been collecting for a long time, but holy cow! My wife would kick me out of the house if I had that much stuff!
I still have almost everything I had since before I started school. So I guess that is about 50 years worth. Also including is my first "new" loco that I got in 4th grade. My "stuff collection" existed before wife.


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Most of my locomotive I have custom painted for my own freelanced railroad are Atlas RS-1's, RS-3's, RS-4/5, RS-11 that are well over 15 years old. Still run fantastic. Along with them I have a couple of GP7's also custom Painted, as well as a GE 44 tonner. also bought when it first came out. I just acquied a little GE45 ton switcher yet to be lettered. I also have a few PFM brass consolidations painted for my own road. My last two steamers are a little Prarie (2-6-2) who I have no idea who made it. It was remotored and constant lighting installed and a USRA mikado brass locomotive also custom painted. No idea who made it.
For the NP I have a couple of Lifelike GP7's, a pair of Life Like SW-7's. These are the better life like units. Also for the NP I have an older Athearn F7, and GP9 tha were undecorated as back then nobody made an accurate NP unit. These were custom painted and detailed and remotored with can motors. For NP steam I have a brass consolidation, a Brass Z-5 Yellowstone (which would be too large to run on my light code 70 rail (but it does from time to time) and a Riverossi UP Challenger which has been remotored, and custom detailed and repainted for the NP (also too large for my road, and spends time in a display case). Also a VO1000 switcher by Stuart.
For the Milwaukee Road I have a Lifelike SW7, a Walthers NW-2 and an Athearn SW7 which has been remotored, and custom painted and detailed.
The last is a Milwaukee E-5. Don't know why I bought that one except it was inexpensive at the time and looks cool.
For another freelanced railroad which I connect to there is a GP7, and SD7 and an F7 painted for the Gallatin Canyon & Western.
The last two are shays, an MDC kit (original model which runs great), and a Bachman 3 truck shay. Actually more locomotives than I really need, but I'm sure that I am not alone in that category.


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God and I though I was nut's I have a room 18x20 that is so full I can't even get in there, and that just the HO,and now my wife is on my but because she has a hard time getting down the hall for Lionel, willians, mth, 3 rail stacked to the ceiling.she wants them gone,but will only get herway when I'm gone.I enjoy owning them and she will enjoy selling them, and see we will both be happy.

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