Hotel Progress (Too early for WPF.....)


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Here's what I have to show for my week so far. The portico is almost finished --- just need to add some trim and a brace to make it fit snug to the building. The next step will be to add the roof.

I still have to do a little touchup, but I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. Except...

I finally give up trying to get rid of the crack at the peak of the roof. I haven't mastered the way to sand without creating a "crown," which is why it won't meet properly. I need to master that before I begin working on the main roof. (Note that the roof lumber is 1/4" thick, so there's not a lot of room for error. ;) ) Wood Putty will be my friend. :D
If you got a vibrating sander you could get some fine sandpaper and use the roof as the angle you want to sand the wood puddy to match the roofs slope. just a thought also if you can find a bakery ask if they can spare a bowl scraper (most grocery store bakeries wouldn't know what this is ) they make great wood putty adder and can get you close to the angle you need


If you're really serious about this kind of stuff, check into some of those miniature table saws. They'll cut precise angle, and exact lengths. I once met a fellow who had made an entire covered bridge in HO scale out of lumber he cut on his small table saw.

The only bad news is that they'll also cut a chunk out of your budget, running from $100 to $300 or more, depending on options etc.
You could always put a cap on the porch roof, just like in real roofing. Not sure if the building is going to be outside, but some type of tape, maybe using some superglue or liquid nails to ensure the tape holds, then paint it the same color.

BTW it looks pretty sharp. My girlfriend is doing the trainset for her son, I have been told not to "enhance" I was amazed at the scenery she has done so far.
Thanks, fellas. I really appreciate the help!!!!!!
RT, I thought about a vibrating sander, but haven't done any research on that yet. I have a rotary tool, but I'm not very proficient in using that yet, although it seems the sanding drum comes closest to doing what I want.
modelbob, as some of the guys know, I've already considered a mini table saw as an addition to my tool collection. I'm already workin' The Husband with reasons why "it would save money in the long run." :D
David, thanks for the roof cap suggestion! I wonder if I could use a strip of vinyl or thin canvas and coat it with putty or a thick coat of acrylic base paint. I'll need to address the problem again when it's time to build the main roof. That will be tomorrow's experiment. The layout will be outside much of the time, but we bring the buildings in during heavy rains.
Okay I have a couple of Pics for you this here is a 2 seater his on the left hers on the right its on the door in white so you cant't see it in the pic. This is one I use with my lionel O gauge trains but thought you would get a kick out of it lol


Wow just previewed and the pic came out better than I though You can read him and her for The inside shot


Hi Claudia, well it's come a long way from its humble begining. It's looking so sharp it hard to realize the condition it was in when you got it. Seems, if I recall right there's been some structural changes also. You wouldn't still have one of the first photo's per chance. Looks like another winner in the making.
Hmm! I see rtraincollector showed you his, now are you going to show him yours? :D the biffy I mean's :D
Willis, I'm getting excited about the "hotel" now. I began to wonder if I'd ever finish it.

Here's what the building looked like when I brought it home. Pic #2 is the famous outhouse --- the result of my first effort at scratchbuilding.
Hi Claudia, gee when was the last time we exchanged posts, been awhile. Seems quiet tonight, must be something good going on elsewhere. Yes the Hotel is coming on great, I knew you could do it. Do you realize as far as scratch building goes you are ahead of a lot of names listed on this forum. Quite an accomplishment in my books, you've certainly done well in regards to your modeling, and everyone of them a winner.

Well guess I'll have a last look around then find something for the WPF thread get some decals out for the GP9 and hit the sack early. Have to do some shopping tommorow.

Yes, it was a doll house I picked up at a yard sale. Who knows what scale it is, though. The door is way too small to be 1:12, but the rest is too big for 1:24, so go figure. Whatever. It will help "tell the story" for everyone except diehard rivet-counting nitpickers. :D
with that said...does 1/24 work decently with the G scale equipment?

I'm not going to be very picky about scale, but I don't want something to look extremely out of place...make sense?