HO Standard & Extended Vision Cabooses

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Atlas Press Release​

Based on prototypes that were built during the 1960s, these cabooses were popular on railroads from coast-coast.​
Features Include:
-Thin endrails
-Window glazing
-Separate brake cylinder
-Open smoke stack
-Triple valve and air reservoir
-Roller-bearing caboose trucks
-Roofwalk where appropriate
-Accurate painting and lettering

Standard Cupola Caboose
1300Undecorated $18.95
1304-3Norfolk & Western (Blue/Yellow)518580$28.95
1304-4Norfolk & Western (Blue/Yellow)518675$28.95
1305-3Northern Pacific (Boxcar Red/White/Black)1101$28.95
1305-4Northern Pacific (Boxcar Red/White/Black)1118$28.95

Extended Vision Caboose
1900Undecorated (without roofwalk) $18.95
1999Undecorated (with roofwalk) $18.95
1994-4Chessie Safety #4 (Yellow/White/Silver)3163$29.95
1994-5Chessie Safety #5 (Red/White/Silver)903282$29.95
1996-3Frisco (Brown/White)1288$26.95
1996-4Frisco (Brown/White)1291$26.95
6200-1Alaska (Blue/Yellow)1085$29.95
6200-2Alaska (Blue/Yellow)1087$29.95
6201-1Burlington Route (Silver/Red/Black/White)13651$26.95
6201-2Burlington Route (Silver/Red/Black/White)13653$26.95
6202-1Conrail (Quality Scheme) (Blue/White)22137$26.95
6203-1MKT (Red/White)100$26.956203-2MKT (Red/White)118$26.95
6204-1Rio Grande (Orange/Black)1504$26.95
6204-2Rio Grande (Orange/Black)1507$26.95
6205-1SOO (Maroon/White)81$26.95
6205-2SOO (Maroon/White)119$26.95

Estimated Delivery: July 2004
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Been Nothin' Since Frisco
I wish they'd re-run the extended vision cab in BN. Those puppies are hard to find. The new cabs here look spectacular. Too bad those N&W cabs are out of my era!

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