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My grandpa used to own a Hobby Shop here in IL, he died in 1990 the year I was born so I did not get to see him . :( Then my grandma passed away last year and we were going through the house and found HO scale things so here is some of what we found. I was just wondering what some of the values are to any of these even if you know of one. Im not asking you to research I just want to know if you know the price. Sorry about everything together.Thanks

Item Quanity Road Name Road Number Kit Y/N?

State of Maine Box Car Bangor&Aroostook 5226 N
Northen Pacific Caboose Northern Pacific 1215 N
P&WV Box Car P&WV 1287 N
Peabody Short Line Hopper (working h.) Peabody Short Line 6671 N
Peabody Short Line Hopper Peabody Short Line 6631 N
V.&T. R.R. Early Passenger V&T. R.R none N
A.T.&S.F. Caboose A.T.&S.F. 1957 N
V&T Short Caboose V&T 5 N
V&T Flat Car ( Panels) V&T 74 N
Gulf Tanker (Step Broken) Gulf 2605 N
Eagle Merchandise Service Box Car Eagle 121749 N
Virginia & Truckee 4-4-8 Stem Loco Virginia and Truckee Engine 11 N
Baltimore and Ohio Engine No Handrail Baltimore and Ohio 740 N
V&T Flat Car With Tub Load V&T 45 N
Chicago & North Western Cattle Car Chicago & North Western 14373 N
National Dairy Dispatch Reefer Car N.D.D.X 8133 N
PHD Box Car PHD 1347 N
Utah Coal Route UCR 20153 N
V&T Flat Car With Stakes V&T 54 N
Burlington Route Engine B&R 550 N
EMD DD40 Diesel (one has two eng.) 2 GM none N
Pullman Palace Cars Observation P82 Pullman none Y
Pullman Palace Cars Sleeper P81 Pullman none Y
Pullman Palace Cars Comboination P83 Pullman none Y
Quality Craft Models Penn Central Wood Kit Penn Central 237256 Y
Hobbytown Universal Geep Chassis (NIB) Y
Roundhouse 36 Foot Box Car (NIB) Pennsylvania 76204 Y
Roundhouse Covered Hopper (NIB) 3 Great Northern 71950 Y
Roundhouse 36 FT. Refrigerator Car (NIB) Lehigh Valley 6001 Y
Roundhouse 36 FT. Box Car (NIB) Santa Fe 8520 Y
Roundhouse 36 FT. Box Car (NIB) Tonopah & Tide 102 Y
Roundhouse 36 FT. Refrigerator Car (NIB) Santa Fe 2373 Y
Roundhouse Caboose (NIB) G.N. Big Sky Blue 245 Y
TYCO 1860 Horse Car (NIB) Western & Atlantic 256 N
TYCO Bunk Car (NIB) Pennsylvania 8006 Y
TYCO F7 (one blue and Yellow) all powered 3 Santa Fe 4015(2) N
Double Decker Commuter Coach pc-100 Chicago & North Western 154 Y
Santa Fe Loco Blue and Yellow Santa Fe 762 N
Steam Switcher Pennsylvania 98 N
OK CUB Detail Part Ventilators (NIB) 7 N
OK CUB Detail Part Ventilators 2024 (NIB) N
Athearn 55 FT. Center Flow Hopper (NIB) 2 ACF 46060 Y
Athearn 55 FT. Center Flow Hopper (NIB) Gulf Oil 52463 Y
Athearn 55 FT. Center Flow Hopper (NIB) Rexall 52508 Y
Athearn 55 FT. Center Flow Hopper (NIB) Dow Chemical 4057 Y
TYCO BIG SIX Locomotive (NIB) 99 Y
Gondola Car Monon 3029 N
AMBROID K-9 Caboose (NIB) Wood Kit Great Northern Y
AHM Krauss Maffei Diesel Loco (NIB) Southern Pacific N
MRC Model 500 Throttle Pack (NIB)
Eldon Solder-Sure Tool Set (NIB)
4-8 Steam Locomotive Union Pacific 96 N
Pittman Belt Drive DC703 (NIB) 2
Atlas 6 R Nickel Silver Turnout (NIB) 4


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Your best bet is to go online and try these retailers, which sould give you a fair market price.

Lloys Toys
MB Klien
(Just to name a few)

However in this hobby if your trying to sell stuff privately or through a retailer you will not get a good return. Actually you'll get very little. So my advice to you is to sit down here, look at the pictures, do some reading and then get involved in one of the neatest hobbies out there. I should know as I've tried my hand at just about all of them!



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You might fetch a handsome sum of money on that Krauss-Maffei diesel by selling it on ebay. I have seen those models sell for $50 or more with body damage and a non-functioning drivetrain!

The majority of the stuff you have listed has a certain amount of collectible value, but outside of someone's personal interest isn't very valuable because the technology of model railroads has evolved considerably since many of these items were made. In other words, someone might have a specific interest in the V&T items you have listed and be willing to pay top dollar for them, but the market as a whole does not value those items.

The same is true of the Tyco items. Nostalgia for these old train set models generally drives the pricing more than the actual value.

The Ambroid and Gloor Craft kits are pretty much out of date, but may have a certain appeal to people looking for those specific kits, especially if the kits include the original instructions and drawings, which are often more valuable than the kits themselves.

If it were me wanting to unload all this stuff, I'd group like items together in lots (the three Roundhouse cars and the Athearn 55' hoppers are good examples) and offer them for a starting bid of 99 cents. Some items you may not get the return you might expect, but others will surprise you.

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