Ho Do I Make A Track Cleaning Car


Hey all I heard on a Railfan Site that you can make your own HO-Scale Track Cleaing Car.Bye making it with a Box Car or Etc What type of item can I use too do this.Any help would be great Thanks Guys.
I use a box car that has a lot of track clearance underneath. The reason for this, is:
I use a 1/4" thick piece of masonite w/the rough side down against the track, made
1/8 of & inch narrower than the box car on both sides. I attach the masonite w/ 3/16
machine screws thru the floor of the boxcar.(2) You have to make the screws going thru the masonite countersunk to clear any ballast that may be sticking up between the rails. The screws are attached in the center of the masonite. Some people put springs between the box car floor & the masonite. Not me. I just let the masonite
piece drag on the rails & keep the car directly behind my engine at all times.
About once a month clean off the dirt on the masonite w/a pc. of med. sandpaper.
My rails stay extremely clean. You can also run the box car in front of the engine to clean the rails for about a week when you first get started.
I also use metal polish to clean old rails before I start my track cleaner.

Thanks Guys

Hey thanks for the Replies & Help,I will do like ya said,How offten should I
replace the Masonite from the Box Car.
It takes about 10 to 15 years to wear down a 1/4" piece of masonite on an H.O. scale track. I've been running mine for about 4 years & U can't tell it's even wore down.

BNSF, Just a thought, Walthers already make a car just like these for about $12 if you don't want to fool around with one. They are decorated for UP and CP. :cool:
I'm building one of these.....this Masonite board.... Not sure if I have the right stuff or not. When I searched around Lowes and Home Depot, all I could find is "hardboard". Dark brown, fairly smooth on both sides.....same kind of material that peg board is made from. I have quite a bit of it left over since I made my fascia from it. I can't find anything called "Masonite" or any material that is hard on one side and soft on the other. So where can I find it....or would the hardboard material I already have work?
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Masonite is a brand name that is now used generically for any hardboard product.it comes in both tempered and non tempered.One of these is fairly smooth on both sides and one is quite rough,this is the one touse though both will work.

I have "CRS" and for the life of me can not remember which is smooth and which is rough.:confused: